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Development files for libuv.
libuv is a support library with a focus on asynchronous I/O. It was
primarily developed for use by Node.js, but it is also used by
Mozilla's Rust language, Luvit, Julia, pyuv, and others.


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Install Howto

Install libuv-devel rpm package:

# zypper install libuv-devel




2019-03-21 - Ond?ej Súkup <>
- update to 1.27.0
* doc: describe unix signal handling better (Vladimír ?unát)
* linux: use statx() to obtain file birth time (Ben Noordhuis)
* src: fill sockaddr_in6.sin6_len when it's defined (Santiago Gimeno)
* test: relax uv_hrtime() test assumptions (Ben Noordhuis)
* build: make cmake install LICENSE only once (Thomas Karl Pietrowski)
* bsd: plug uv_fs_event_start() error path fd leak (Ben Noordhuis)
* doc: add note about uv_run() not being reentrant (Ben Noordhuis)
* unix, win: make fs-poll close wait for resource cleanup (Anna Henningsen)
* doc: fix typo in uv_thread_options_t definition (Ryan Liptak)
* win: skip winsock initialization in safe mode (evgley)
* unix: refactor getsockname/getpeername methods (Santiago Gimeno)
* udp: add support for UDP connected sockets (Santiago Gimeno)
* build: add missing header (cjihrig)
* test: change spawn_stdin_stdout return to void (Andrew Paprocki)
* test: remove call to floor() in test driver (Andrew Paprocki)
2019-02-28 - Ond?ej Súkup <>
- update to version 1.26.0
* doc: fix uv_get_free_memory doc (Stephen Belanger)
* unix: fix epoll cpu 100% issue (yeyuanfeng)
* openbsd,tcp: special handling of EINVAL on connect (ptlomholt)
* src,include: define UV_MAXHOSTNAMESIZE (cjihrig)
* thread: allow specifying stack size for new thread (Anna Henningsen)
* unix: don't attempt to invalidate invalid fd (Ben Noordhuis)
* Revert "win,fs: retry if uv_fs_rename fails" (Ben Noordhuis)
* aix: manually trigger fs event monitoring (Gireesh Punathil)
* unix: rename WRITE_RETRY_ON_ERROR macro (Ben Noordhuis)
* unix: refactor uv__write() (Ben Noordhuis)
* unix: don't send handle twice on partial write (Ben Noordhuis)
* tty,win: fix Alt+key under WSL (Bartosz Sosnowski)
* build: support running tests in out-of-tree builds (Jameson Nash)
* fsevents: really watch files with fsevents on macos 10.7+ (Jameson Nash)
* thread,mingw64: need intrin.h header for SSE2 MemoryBarrier (Jameson Nash)
* win: fix sizeof-pointer-div warning (cjihrig)
* unix,win: add uv_os_uname() (cjihrig)
* win, tty: fix CreateFileW() return value check (Bartosz Sosnowski)
* unix: enable IPv6 tests on OpenBSD (ptlomholt)
* test: fix test-ipc spawn_helper exit_cb (Santiago Gimeno)
* test: fix test-ipc tests (Santiago Gimeno)
* unix: better handling of unsupported F_FULLFSYNC (Victor Costan)
* unix,stream: fix zero byte writes (Santiago Gimeno)
* ibmi: return EISDIR on read from directory fd (Kevin Adler)
* build: wrap long lines in (cjihrig)
test: fix platform_output test on cygwin (damon-kwok)
* gitignore: ignore build/ directory (Damon Kwok)
* unix: zero epoll_event before use (Ashe Connor)
* doc: replace deprecated build command on macOS (Rick)
* warnings: fix code that emits compiler warnings (Jameson Nash)
* doc: clarify expected memory management strategy (Ivan Krylov)
* test: add uv_inet_ntop(AF_INET) coverage (Ben Noordhuis)
* unix: harden string copying, introduce strscpy() (Ben Noordhuis)
* linux: get rid of strncpy() call (Ben Noordhuis)

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