libu2f-host0 - Library for Universal 2nd Factor (U2F)

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Libu2f-host provide a C library that implements
the host-side of the U2F protocol.  There are APIs to talk to a U2F
device and perform the U2F Register and U2F Authenticate operations.


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libu2f-host0-1.1.9-28.1.x86_64.rpm 1.1.9 x86_64 Security
libu2f-host0-1.1.9-28.1.i586.rpm 1.1.9 i586 Security
libu2f-host0-1.1.9-1.1.x86_64.rpm 1.1.9 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
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libu2f-host0 = 1.1.9-1.1
libu2f-host0(x86-32) = 1.1.9-1.1


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Binary Package libu2f-host0-1.1.9-1.1.i586.rpm
Source Package libu2f-host-1.1.9-1.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install libu2f-host0 rpm package:

# zypper install libu2f-host0




2019-03-06 - Karol Babioch <>
- Version 1.1.9 (released 2019-03-06)
- Fix CID copying from the init response, which broke compatibility with some
2019-03-05 - Karol Babioch <>
- Version 1.1.8 (released 2019-03-05)
- Add udev rules
- Drop 70-old-u2f.rules and use 70-u2f.rules for everything
- Use a random nonce for setting up CID to prevent fingerprinting
- CVE-2019-9578: Parse the response to init in a more stable way to prevent
leakage of uninitialized stack memory back to the device (bnc#1128140).
2019-02-08 - Karol Babioch <>
- Version 1.1.7 (released 2019-01-08)
- Fix for trusting length from deivce in device init.
- Fix for buffer overflow when receiving data from device. (YSA-2019-01,
CVE-2018-20340, bsc#1124781)
- Add udev rules for some new devices.
- Using %license macro
- Applied spec-cleaner
2018-05-15 -
- Version 1.1.6 (released 2018-05-15)
- Change waiting logic on authenticate to allow for faster feedback.
- Version 1.1.5 (released 2018-03-07)
- Fix refcount when adding json_objects.
- Handle fido2 keepalive.
- Add udev rules for more devices.
2017-09-13 -
- Version 1.1.4 (released 2017-09-01)
- Added more u2f devices to the udev rulesets.
- Increase buffer size, allowing for bigger certificates.
- Add u2f.conf.sample for FreeBSD permission handling.
2016-10-12 -
- Version 1.1.3 (released 2016-10-04)
- Added more u2f devices to the udev rulesets.
- Fixup mac builds.
- Version 1.1.2 (released 2016-06-22)
- Make authenticate return U2FH_OK if touch is set to not needed. Also minor fixes to error output of authenticate.
- Documentation fixes.
- Compilation fixes on visual studio.
- Add udev rules for Feitian devices.
- Add optional cmake build.
- Change license of the commandline tool to LGPL 2.1+
- remove udev.patch
2016-05-19 -
- Add buildrequirement for libudev to select the rule for udev.
- Add udev directories in %files
- Add udev rule for Feitian ePass FIDO (udev.patch)
- Change License for the library
2016-03-23 -
- Avoid undesired blank lines at start of descriptions.
Expand description. Trim filelist.
2016-03-21 -
- Version 1.1.1 (released 2016-03-14)
- Use correct index in u2fh_devs_discover()
- Fix an issue where we left the authenticate loop early.
- Fix an issue where authenticate remembered which devices to skip.
- Stop validating the scheme of the origin.
- Fixup a crash in u2fh_devs_discover() with closing unplugged devices.
- Documentation fixes.
2016-02-18 -
- Version 1.1.0 (released 2016-02-15)
- Add udev rules for more devices.
- Don?t return success when no data is received.
- Fix typos.
- Make send_apdu send data like chrome does.
- Don?t release json object that we don?t own no more.
- Don?t do memcmp on uninitialized memory.
- Add u2fh_authenticate2() and u2fh_register2().
- Remove base64 padding (required by spec).
- Use unsigned ints to prevent buffer overflows.

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