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libpagemaker is library providing ability to interpret and import
Adobe PageMaker documents into various applications.
This package contains the libpagemaker development files.


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Install Howto

Install libpagemaker-devel rpm package:

# zypper install libpagemaker-devel




2018-01-09 -
- Cure linguistic problem in descriptions.
2018-01-08 -
- Update to 0.0.4:
* Add a command line tool for conversion to plain text, called pmd2text.
* Require C++11 for build.
* Drop outdated MSVC project files.
* Fix parsing of page dimensions and shape coordinates in Mac documents.
That makes the output at least somewhat useful, but more work is needed
to handle big endian files properly.
* Fix parsing of color tint in Mac documents. (tdf#109126)
* Fix parsing of text formatting attributes in Mac documents.
* Properly handle all caps and small caps.
* Parse more text formatting attributes.
* Parse more paragraph attributes.
2017-02-01 -
- use individual libboost-*-devel packages instead of boost-devel
2016-08-01 -
- Disable sle11 support code
2016-03-23 -
- Version update to 0.0.3:
* remove upstreamed patch libpagemaker-0.0.2-no_undefined.patch
* Make --help output of conversion tools help2man-friendly.
* Read big endian (Mac) files (tdf#91419).
* Other small fixes and improvements.
2014-11-28 -
- Initial package based on upstream libpagemaker 0.0.2
- Add patch: libpagemaker-0.0.2-no_undefined.patch
* fix a typo (-no-undefines -> -no-undefined) in Makefile

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