libosip2-devel - Implementation of SIP--RFC 3261

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This is the GNU oSIP library. It has been designed to provide the
Internet community with a simple way to support the Session Initiation
Protocol. SIP is described in the RFC 3261, which is available at


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libosip2-devel-5.0.0-1.7.x86_64.rpm 5.0.0 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
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libosip2 = 5.0.0


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libosip2-devel = 5.0.0-1.7
libosip2-devel(x86-32) = 5.0.0-1.7
libosip2:/usr/include/osip2/osip.h -
pkgconfig(libosip2) = 5.0.0


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Binary Package libosip2-devel-5.0.0-1.7.i586.rpm
Source Package libosip2-5.0.0-1.7.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install libosip2-devel rpm package:

# zypper install libosip2-devel




2017-04-20 -
- drop patch already in 5.0.0
- drop patch already in 5.0.0
- drop patch already in 5.0.0
2017-04-20 -
- fix a set of buffer overflows:
- add patch for (bnc#1034570, CVE-2017-7853)
- add patch for (bnc#1034571, CVE-2016-10326)
- add patch for (bnc#1034572, CVE-2016-10325)
- add patch for (bnc#1034574, CVE-2016-10324)
2017-04-20 -
- Update to 5.0.0:
* STRUCTURE change: additionnal parameter for "struct osip_srv_entry" used for failover in eXosip2.
* fix overflow: sr #109133: Heap buffer overflow in utility function *osip_clrncpy*
* fix overflow: sr #109132: Heap buffer overflow in *osip_body_to_str*
* fix overflow: sr #109131: Heap buffer overflow in `_osip_message_to_str`
* simplify usage of timercmp/timerisset/timerclear
* optimize list search: use iterator
* improve/update autotools (./configure and options,, ax_thread.m4...)
* verify a URI scheme only contains allowed char
* improve make check (test unit) to make it clear about the results expected.
* fix a possible buffer overflow of 1 byte in sdp_message_to_str (size=sdp allocated size)
* fix cseq check in order to stop retransmission of 200ok
* update to reject negative value in port number
* add support for ntlm authentication in parser
* include application_data when cloning sip message
* fix to allow correct parsing of quoted string in from/to/contact/...
* add authorizations and proxy_authorizations into ACK for 3xx, 4xx, 5xx, and 6xx (if answer was not 401/407)
* additionnal check for cseq number for matching incoming ack restransmission
* patch to transmit ack for OSIP_ICT_ACK_SENT event
* improve management of body length // fix a bug when initial value of body is \0.
* increase timer E as soon as we receive 1xx for NICT.
* update all reasons according to RFC.
* add some reason code from rfc4412, rfc3261 and rfc6086.
* parse addr spec with LAQUOT and RAQUOT in generic parameters.
* avoid issue with comma in userinfo of URI which may appear for several headers such as Contact.
* do not use multiple header method for t, f, i, r, refer-to, b, referred-by headers.
* allow faster connection with non blocking reliable sockets.
* improve android time compensation.
- rename libosip2-4.1.0.patch to libosip2-5.0.0.patch
- drop libosip2-4.1.0-pthread.patch, obsolete
2014-05-25 -
- Update to 4.1.0:
* fix sdp re-allocation
* increase max length size
* osip_trace_initialize returns 0 if log are compiled.
* timer e and timer g will use #define DEFAULT_T2 instead of 4000.
* handle additionnal possible malloc failure.
* fix compatibility with old UA for INVITE retransmission.
* fix osip_sem_destroy leak on apple.
* accept lowercase sip/2.0.
- Rebase libosip2-3.5.0.dif and rename to libosip2-4.1.0.patch.
- Rebase libosip2-3.5.0-pthread.patch and rename to libosip2-4.1.0-pthread.patch.

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