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The OpenJPEG library is an open-source JPEG 2000 codec written in C language.
It has been developed in order to promote the use of JPEG 2000, the new
still-image compression standard from the Joint Photographic Experts Group


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Install Howto

Install libopenjp2-7 rpm package:

# zypper install libopenjp2-7




2019-04-02 -
- Update to version 2.3.1:
* Fix CVE-2018-6616 (bsr#1079845)
* Fix CVE-2018-5785 (bsc#1076967)
* Fix CVE-2018-18088 (bsc#1111638)
* Fix CVE-2018-16375 (bsc#1106882)
* Fix CVE-2018-14423 (bsc#1102016)
* Fix CVE-2018-7648 (bsc#1083901)
* Fix CVE-2018-5727 (bsc#1076314)
* For full list see ChangeLog file
- Remove install-fix.patch: upstreamed
2019-02-14 -
- Change openjpeg2 Recommends in the devel package to Requires.
2017-10-23 -
- Update to version 2.3.0
- Drop upstream patches:
* 0018-tcd_get_decoded_tile_size.patch
* openjpeg2-CVE-2016-10504.patch
* openjpeg2-CVE-2016-10505.patch
* openjpeg2-CVE-2016-10506.patch
* openjpeg2-CVE-2017-12982.patch
* openjpeg2-CVE-2017-14039.patch
* openjpeg2-CVE-2017-14040.patch
* openjpeg2-CVE-2017-14041.patch
* openjpeg2-CVE-2017-14151.patch
* openjpeg2-CVE-2017-14152.patch
- Add install-fix.patch from upstream to fix library installation.
2017-09-12 -
- Add security fixes:
openjpeg2-CVE-2016-10504.patch (CVE-2016-10504, bsc#1056351),
openjpeg2-CVE-2016-10505.patch (CVE-2016-10505, bsc#1056363),
openjpeg2-CVE-2016-10506.patch (CVE-2016-10506, bsc#1056396),
openjpeg2-CVE-2017-12982.patch (CVE-2017-12982, bsc#1054696),
openjpeg2-CVE-2017-14039.patch (CVE-2017-14039, CVE-2017-14164,
bsc#1056622, bsc#1057511),
openjpeg2-CVE-2017-14040.patch (CVE-2017-14040, bsc#1056621),
openjpeg2-CVE-2017-14041.patch (CVE-2017-14041, bsc#1056562),
openjpeg2-CVE-2017-14151.patch (CVE-2017-14151, bsc#1057336),
openjpeg2-CVE-2017-14152.patch (CVE-2017-14152, bsc#1057335),
most of which are critical, including heap and stack overwrites,
over-reads and division by zero errors.
2016-12-19 -
- update to version 2.1.2
Bug fixes including security fixes among which:
CVE-2016-8332 CVE-2016-7163
CVE-2016-5139 CVE-2016-5159
CVE-2016-5158 (not listed but solved different way)
Huge amount of critical bugfixes
Speed improvements
No API/ABI break compared to v2.1.1/v2.1
- some doc files now have '.md' suffix (like
- CVE-2016-5152 with new 0018-tcd_get_decoded_tile_size.patch
2015-12-08 -
- Add a pkg-config dependency; expand pkgconfig
2015-10-19 -
- Re-add baselibs.conf, needed by poppler and leptonica
2015-09-04 -
- Use cmake macro
- Remove baselibs.conf (it was broken anyways for months)
- Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner
2014-05-31 -
- pimp up the previous changelog
2014-05-27 -
- update to version 2.1.0
New Features:
* Digital Cinema profiles have been fixed and updated
* New option to disable MCT if needed
* extended RAW support: it is now possible to input raw images
with subsampled color components (422, 420, etc)
* New way to deal with profiles
API/ABI modifications: (see abi_compat_report in dev-utils/scripts)
* Removed deprecated functions
- opj_stream_create_default_file_stream(FILE*,...)
- opj_stream_create_file_stream(FILE*,...)
- opj_stream_set_user_data (opj_stream_t* p_stream, void * p_data)
* Added
- opj_stream_create_default_file_stream(char*,...)
- opj_stream_create_file_stream(char*,...)
- opj_stream_destroy(opj_stream_t*)
- opj_stream_set_user_data (opj_stream_t* p_stream, void * p_data,
... opj_stream_free_user_data_fn p_function)
- JPEG 2000 profiles and Part-2 extensions defined through '#define'
* Changed
- 'alpha' field added to 'opj_image_comp' structure
(not yet used in use)
- 'max_cs_size' and 'rsiz' fields added to opj_cparameters_t
* OpenJPEG is now officialy conformant with JPEG 2000 Part-1
and will soon become official reference software at the
JPEG committee.
* Huge amount of bug fixes. See CHANGES for details.

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