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Development files for usage with libnghttp2, which implements
Hypertext Transfer Protocol version 2.


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Install libnghttp2-devel rpm package:

# zypper install libnghttp2-devel




2019-01-18 -
- Update to 1.36.0
* build: disable shared library if ENABLE_SHARED_LIB is off
* third-party: use http-parser to v2.9.0 (GH-1294)
* third-party: Update mruby to 2.0.0
* nghttpx: Pool h1 backend connection per address (GH-1292)
* nghttpx: Randomize backend address round robin order per thread
* nghttpx: Fix getting long SNs for openssl < 1.1 (GH-1287)
* h2load: add an option to write per-request logs (GH-1256)
* asio: added access to # of the current server port (GH-1257)
2019-01-18 - Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Use multibuild to not pull in python3 in first build, nghttp2
is low in the system
2019-01-11 - Martin Pluskal <>
- Update to version 1.35.1:
* nghttpx: Fix broken trailing slash handling (GH-1276)
- Changes for version 1.35:
* build: cmake: Fix libevent version detection (Patch from Jan Kundrát) (GH-1238)
* lib: Use __has_declspec_attribute for shared builds (Patch from Don) (GH-1222)
* src: Require C++14 language feature
* nghttpx: Write mruby send_info early
* nghttpx: Fix assertion failure on mruby send_info with HTTP/1 frontend
* h2load: Handle HTTP/1 non-final response (GH-1259)
* h2load: Clarify that time for connect includes TLS handshake
2018-10-08 -
- Update to version 1.34.0: (bsc#1112438, FATE#326776)
* lib: Implement RFC 8441 :protocol support
* nghttpx: Add read/write-timeout parameters to backend option
* nghttpx: Fix mruby parameter validation in backend option
* nghttpx: Implement RFC 8441 Bootstrapping WebSocket with HTTP/2
* nghttpx: Update neverbleed to fix OpenSSL 1.1.1 issues
* nghttpx: Update mruby 1.4.1
* nghttpx: Add mruby env.tls_handshake_finished
* nghttpx: Add --tls13-ciphers and --tls-client-ciphers options
* nghttpx: Add RFC 8470 Early-Data header field support
* nghttpx: Add RFC 8446 TLSv1.3 0-RTT early data support
2018-09-26 -
- Update to version 1.33.0:
* lib: Tweak nghttp2_session_set_stream_user_data
* lib: Implement ORIGIN frame
* asio: support definition of local endpoint for cleartext
client session
* integration: Remove remaining SPDY code from the integration tests
* nghttpx: Fix worker process crash with neverbleed write error
* nghttpx: Support per-backend mruby script
* nghttpx: Fix stream reset if data from client is arrived before
dconn is attached
2018-07-09 -
- Update to version 1.32.0:
* lib: Ignore all input after calling session_terminate_session
* lib: Fix treatment of padding
* lib: Don't allow 101 HTTP status code because HTTP/2 removes
HTTP Upgrade
* build: add ENABLE_STATIC_LIB option to build static lib
* third-party: Upgrade neverbleed to the latest master
* asio: Support client side SNI
* src: Compile with libressl 2.7.2
* src: Allow building without NPN
* h2load: -r and --duration are mutually exclusive
2018-04-13 -
- Version umpdate to 1.31.1:
* Fix bsc#1088639 CVE-2018-1000168
2018-04-09 -
- Version update to 1.31.0:
* lib: Add nghttp2_session_set_user_data() public API function (GH-1137)
* src: Define nghttp2_inet_pton wrapper to avoid inet_pton macro (GH-1128)
* nghttpx: Close listening socket on graceful shutdown
* nghttpx: Add an option to accept expired client certificate (GH-1126)
* nghttpx: Add mruby tls_client_not_before, and tls_client_not_after (GH-1123)
* nghttpx: Fix potential memory leak
* lib: Allow PING frame to be sent after GOAWAY (GH-1103)
* nghttpx: Fix bug that h1 backend idle timeout expires sooner
* nghttpx: Stop overwrite of first header on mruby call to env.req.set_header(..) (Patch from Dylan Plecki) (GH-1119)
* nghttpx: Add upgrade-scheme parameter to backend option (GH-1099)
* nghttpx: Fix missing ALPN validation (--npn-list) (GH-1094)
* nghttpx: Remember which resource is pushed for RFC 8297 (GH-1101)

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