libmpc3 - MPC multiple-precision complex shared library

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Package version 1.1.0
Package release 1.9
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License LGPL-3.0+
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MPC is a C library for the arithmetic of complex numbers with
arbitrarily high precision and correct rounding of the result. It is
built upon and follows the same principles as MPFR.


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libmpc3-1.1.0-1.9.x86_64.rpm 1.1.0 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
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libmpc3 = 1.1.0-1.9
libmpc3(x86-32) = 1.1.0-1.9


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Binary Package libmpc3-1.1.0-1.9.i586.rpm
Source Package mpc-1.1.0-1.9.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install libmpc3 rpm package:

# zypper install libmpc3




2018-01-17 -
- Update to version 1.1.0.
- Compatible with mpfr 4.0.0, obsoletes mpc-1.0.3-addsubulp.diff
and mpc-1.0.3-fmma.diff.
- New functions mpc_cmp_abs and mpc_rootofunity
- Rewrite of the testing framework
- New mpcbench tool, used with make bench
- Fixed handling of over- and underflows with directed rounding in
the "other direction" for mpc_cos, mpc_sin, mpc_exp and mpc_pow
- Fixed a bug in mpc_atan(0,y) with |y| near 1
- Adjust URLs to tarball and signature.
2018-01-02 -
- Add mpc-1.0.3-addsubulp.diff and mpc-1.0.3-fmma.diff to fix build
with mpfr 4.0.0.
2015-11-17 -
- Add gpg signature
- Add info scriplet dependencies and move them to correct sections
- Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner
2015-02-27 -
- Update to version 1.0.3.
- Fixed mpc_pow
2014-01-16 -
- Update to version 1.0.2.
- Fixed mpc_atan, mpc_atanh for (+-0, +-1)
- Fixed mpc_log10 for purely imaginary argument
- Fixed case of intermediate zero real or imaginary part in mpc_fma
2013-04-16 -
- Add Source URL, see
2012-07-23 -
- Correct Requires of libmpc-devel to be libmpc3 rather than libmpc2
2012-07-23 -
- Update to version 1.0.
- Bump SONAME to libmpc3
- License change: LGPLv3+ for code, GFDLv1.3+ (with no invariant sections)
for documentation
- Functions renamed:
mpc_mul_2exp to mpc_mul_2ui, mpc_div_2exp to mpc_div_2ui
- New functions: mpc_log10, mpc_mul_2si, mpc_div_2si
- Speed-ups:
- mpc_fma
- Bug fixes:
- mpc_div and mpc_norm now return a value indicating the effective
rounding direction, as the other functions
- mpc_mul, mpc_sqr and mpc_norm now return correct results even if there
are over- or underflows during the computation
- mpc_asin, mpc_proj, mpc_sqr: Wrong result when input variable has
infinite part and equals output variable is corrected
- mpc_fr_sub: Wrong return value for imaginary part is corrected
- Skips version 0.9:
- New functions:
- mpc_set_dc, mpc_set_ldc, mpc_get_dc, mpc_get_ldc for converting
between mpc type variables and C variables of type double _Complex
or long double _Complex
- mpc_sin_cos, computing simultaneously the sine and cosine
- Speed-ups:
- mpc_pow_si through binary exponentiation
- mpc_pow_z when the exponent fits in a long
- mpc_tan through the use of mpc_sin_cos
- Bug fixes:
- trigonometric functions: infinite loop due to overflow for large
- mpc_exp: close to infinite loop for argument close to 0
- mpc_sqrt: close to infinite loop for argument close to 1
- mpc_add_si: replaced macro by function, since the macro evaluated the
same expression twice
2012-01-29 -
- Remove redundant tags/sections per specfile guideline suggestions
2010-09-06 -
- Update to version 0.8.2.
* Speed-up of mpc_pow_ui through binary exponentiation.

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