libmariadb3-32bit - MariaDB connector in C

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MariaDB Connector is used to connect applications developed in
C or C++ to MariaDB and MySQL databases.
This package holds the runtime components.


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libmariadb3-32bit-3.0.9-44.2.x86_64.rpm 3.0.9 x86_64 Database
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libmariadb3-32bit = 3.0.9-2.1
libmariadb3-32bit(x86-32) = 3.0.9-2.1 - -


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Binary Package libmariadb3-32bit-3.0.9-2.1.x86_64.rpm
Source Package mariadb-connector-c-3.0.9-2.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install libmariadb3-32bit rpm package:

# zypper install libmariadb3-32bit




2019-03-01 -
- move libmariadb.pc from /usr/lib/pkgconfig to
/usr/lib64/pkgconfig [bsc#1126088]
2019-02-13 -
- New upstream version 3.0.9
* CONC-384: Incorrect packet when a connection attribute name or
value is equal to or greater than 251
* CONC-388: field->def_length is always set to 0 (only used by
deprecated function mysql_list_fields)
* Getter should get and the setter should set
* CONC-385: Removed some cmake system checks
* CONC-387: Fix case sensitive include file names for cross
* Fixed cnake policy CMP007
* Support static linking auth plugins
* Fix build with deprecated OpenSSL API: replaced ERR_remove_state
by ERR_remove_thread_state
* Disable LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE suport by default and auto-enable
it for the duration of one query, if the query string starts with
the word "load". In all other cases the application should enable
LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE support explicitly
* Changed return code for mysql_optionv/mysql_get_optionv to 1
(was -1) and added CR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED error message if a option
is unknown or not supported. This will fix possible error when
setting connection attribute failed
2019-01-03 -
- New upstream version 3.0.8
* mingw fix: use lowercase names for include files
* CONC-375: Fixed handshake errors when mixing TLSv1.3 cipher
suites with cipher suites from other TLS protocols
* CONC-312: Added new caching_sha2_password authentication plugin
for authentication with MySQL 8.0
- refresh mariadb-connector-c-2.3.1_unresolved_symbols.patch
- pack plugin
2018-11-15 -
- New upstream version 3.0.7 [bsc#1116686]
* Build fixes when building with ASAN/TSAN
* CONC-370: Fixed memory leak in configuration file parsing.
* CONC-371: Incorrect fractional part conversion when converting
datetime string to MYSQL_TIME
* CONC-283: Fixed pkg-config configuration
* CONC-364: Not all sockets created in pvio_socket_connect
function are closed
* multiple fixes in named pipe implementation
* CONC-349: Added new parameter STMT_ATTR_STATE to retrieve
statement status via api function mysql_stmt_attr_get
- refresh private_library.patch and absolute_path_fix.patch
- pack libmariadb.pc
2018-08-02 -
- New upstream version 3.0.6
* MDEV-15263: FIx IS_NUM() macro
* CONC-297: local infile parameter must be unsigned int instead
of my_bool
* CONC-329: change return value of internal socket functions
from my_bool to int
* CONC-332: my_auth doesn't read/update server ok packet
* CONC-344: reset internal row counter
* CONC-345: invalid heap use after free
* CONC-346: Remove old cmake policies
* fixed crash in mysql_select_db if NULL parameter was provided
- refresh private_library.patch

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