liblept5 - Library for image processing and image analysis applications

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Library for efficient image processing and image analysis operations.


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Install Howto

Install liblept5 rpm package:

# zypper install liblept5




2019-04-02 - Kyrill Detinov <>
- Update to 1.78.0.
* Various improvements in handling boxa sequences and transforms.
* New regression tests: boxa4_reg, string_reg.
* New function for copying a pix, filtered by a boxa.
* Modify histogram method for image comparison.
* More careful attention to invalid boxes in box geometry functions.
* Better string and array functions for search and replace.
* Convenience functions for generating simple masks.
* Allow pdf writing of jp2k images, in full generality.
* Allow writing compressed ps images for printing.
* Modified enum comments to include a suggested enum name.
* New program: imagetops.
2018-12-17 - Karol Babioch <>
- Update to 1.77.0
* CVE-2018-7442: potential injection attack because '/' is allowed in gplot
rootdir. (bsc#1082748)
* CVE-2018-7186: number of characters not limited in fscanf or sscanf,
allowing possible attack with buffer overflow. (bsc#1081576)
* CVE-2018-3836: command injection vulnerability in gplotMakeOutput().
* CVE-2017-18196: duplicated path components. (bsc#1082843)
* CVE-2018-7441: hardcoded /tmp pathnames. (bsc#1082749)
* CVE-2018-7247: input 'rootname' can overflow a buffer. (bsc#1081631)
* CVE-2018-7440: command injection in gplotMakeOutput using $(command).
* Using a packed struct for bmp headers to avoid crash on some big-endians.
* Fixed a bug in the prototype parser for xtractprotos that was
surfaced by a typedef declaration for the bmp headers.
* Added some basic pixa functions for rotation and translation.
* Added an iterative method to find rectangular coverings for arbitrary
connected components.
* Enabled read/write for standard jpeg compressed tiff images.
* Enabled reading for the old (deprecated) jpeg-encoded tiffs.
* Fix range selectors for pixa, pixaa, boxa, boxaa, pta: Now, last = -1 goes
to the end.
* When reading tiff --> pix, insert IMAGEDESCRIPTION into text field.
2018-05-04 -
- Update to 1.76.0.
* Modify infrastructure to fix outstanding security issues.
By default, you can no longer create temp directories and temp
files whose names are known to the compiler.  Also, prevent
"system" calls, which were used for image display and gnuplot.
* Replaced remaining sprintf() with snprintf() in prog tests.
* Added non-transcoding functions for generating pdf from jpeg
* Add control of jpeg quality from pixWriteMem() and
* Fixed getFilenamesInDirectory() to properly identify
* Prevent size overflow in calloc for kernel; cleaned it up fpix
and dpix.
* bmp reading now accepts negative height.
* Simplified splitimage2pdf; it no longer uses ps2pdf.
* Remove name-mangling WRITE_AS_NAMED compile option.
* Removed 2 deprecated write functions.
* Added these regression tests: locminmax_reg, speckle_reg,
2018-02-19 -
- Update to 1.75.3:
* See changes in the version-notes.html file.
* Fixed a stack based buffer overflows in gplotRead() and ptaReadStream()
when parsing crafted files can lead to denial of service
(CVE-2018-7186 bsc#1081576)
* Fixed a buffer overflow in pixHtmlViewer in prog/htmlviewer.c
(unsanitized input (rootname)), which could potentially lead to
arbitrary code exeuction. (CVE-2018-7247 bsc#1081631)
2018-02-04 -
- Fix RPM groups.
2018-02-02 -
- Update to 1.75.1.
* See changes in the version-notes.html file.
- Add leptonica-license.txt, version-notes.html, moller52.jpg to
docs of the liblept package.
2017-12-11 -
- Update to 1.74.4.
* See changes in the version-notes.html file.
- Add BuildRequires: gnuplot.

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