libkcsoap0 - SOAP (de)serializer functions for Kopano's RPCs

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This library contains autogenerated code to (de)serialize the SOAP RPCs
that are sent between Kopano clients and server.
Remote Procedure Call more or less means that a callable function
translates its arguments (C++ objects in our case) into a
representation that can be sent over the network. On the receiving
side, this representation is translated back to objects again.


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Install Howto

Install libkcsoap0 rpm package:

# zypper install libkcsoap0




2019-03-12 - Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update to 8.7.0 stable git HEAD
* dagent: standard casing for RFC 5322 headers [KF-2100]
* daemons: do not fail startup on IPv4-only systems [KC-1400]
* Feed HTML through libtidy before using it for the to-plaintext
conversion stage [KS-40722]
* server: fix crash on shutdown [KF-2179]
* server: address a potential crash due to type
mismatch [KF-2151]
* server: use utf8mb3 with mysql 5.1 [KC-1423]
* srvadm: do not complain about default_store_locale [KC-1416]
* dbadm: some long-running statements can now be run in parallel
with the new -j option [KS-42617]
* pyko: expand stubbed messages when dumping [KC-1159,KC-1168]
2019-02-04 - Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update to 8.7.0 stable
* server: fix disappearing inbox rules [KC-1359]
* kopano-dbadm: new action "usmp" and "usmp-charset"
* server: no more automatic upgrade to utf8mb4,
use `kopano-dbadm usmp` instead [KF-1394]
* dagent: the spam_header_name was not matched
correctly [KF-1961]
* dagent/client/libserver: fix inadvertent AF_LOCAL->SSL
redirect [KC-1368]
* client: ABEIDs were parsed wrong (and it broke with
gcc8) [KC-1386]
* php7-ext: cease modifying potentially-immutable
PHP variables [KC-1355]
2018-10-21 - Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update to 8.7~beta release (8.6.90)
* dagent, gateway, ical: modern socket specification in .cfg
with lmtp_listen=, pop3_listen=, imap_listen=, ical_listen=,
* dagent: PF_LOCAL socket support for communicating with postfix
* dagent: limited support for RFC 6531 (SMTPUTF8)
* server: LDAP STARTTLS support for user backend
* spooler: new config value log_raw_message=error
* daemons: coredumps no longer rely on fs.suid_dumpable
* server: support for Unicode supplemental plane (Emojis)
* spooler: add copy_delegate_mails=move-to-rep config directive
* kopano-ibrule: new utility for MAPI rules
* server: experimental "files_v2" attachment storage
* kopano-statsd: new daemon that records dagent/server/spooler
* This is an abridged list; there are more changes to
configuration and behavior; see RELNOTES.txt in the
"kopano-common" package for more details.
2018-08-26 -
- Update to new snapshot
* Fixes:
* gateway, spooler: (re-)activate RFC 2047 header generation
(Outlook is still unable to read the RFC 2231 headers that
are generated normally) [KC-1226]
* srvadm: make --purge-softdelete=0 work
* Enhancements:
* dagent: advertise 8BITMIME/RFC6152 support [KS-41452]
* dagent/client: fixed broken umlauts in PR_EC_BODY_FILTERED
when input was not UTF-8 [KC-1225]
2018-08-06 -
- Update to new upstream release 8.6.6
* ical: handle double quotes in Content-Type header
* server: repair broken timing log messages for ldapplugin
* php7-ext: cure stack corruption in mapi_vcftomapi
* gateway: avoid uncaught exception when client disconnects midway
* dagent: avoid always running into K-2383
* server: avoid SSL crash near ERR_clear_error on shutdown
2018-07-03 -
- Update to new upstream snapshot
* Fixes:
* ical: handle double quotes in Content-Type header
* Enhancements:
* client: now emits warnings about own incomplete PR_RULES_DATA
* inetmapi: now emits a warning when runtime vmime is too old
* server: fewer stat calls to the attachment backend
* Changes:
* dagent: default for log_timestamp changed to "yes"

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