libgrpc6 - HTTP/2-based Remote Procedure Call implementation

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The reference implementation of the gRPC protocol, done on top of
HTTP/2 with support for synchronous and asynchronous calls. gRPC uses
Protocol Buffers as the Interface Definition Language by default.


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libgrpc6-1.19.1-2.1.x86_64.rpm 1.19.1 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
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Binary Package libgrpc6-1.19.1-2.1.i586.rpm
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Install Howto

Install libgrpc6 rpm package:

# zypper install libgrpc6




2019-04-12 -
- Fix typo in Groups.
2019-03-16 - Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update to new upstream release 1.19.1
* Use 32-bit nanopb fields.
* Avoid SRV and TXT lookups for localhost.
* Set c-ares as the default resolver.
2019-01-07 - Micha? Rostecki <>
- Add grpc-source package - some Go programs using gRPC need
protobuf definitions which are included inside the source code,
but are not included in the devel package.
2018-11-11 - Jan Engelhardt <>
- Update to new upstream release 1.16
* Keepalive watchdog firing should return status UNAVAILABLE.
* Set TCP_USER_TIMEOUT socket option for Linux.
* Turn loading system root certificate as default.
* Change pick_first to not unref unselected subchannels.
* cmake: prevent C core from depending on libstdc++.
* Implement Watch method in health check service.
2018-11-11 - Thomas Bechtold <>
- update to 1.15.1:
* Document SSL portability and performance considerations. See .
* Simplify call arena size growth.
* PF: Check connectivity state before watching.
* Added system roots feature to load roots from OS trust store.
* Fix re-resolution in pick first.
* Allow error strings in final_info to propagate to filters on
call destruction.
* Add resolver executor.
* Data race fix for lockfree_event.
* Channelz: Expose new Core API.
* cmake: disable assembly optimizations only when necessary.
* C++ sync server: Return status RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED if no
thread quota available.
* Use correct target name for gflags-config.cmake.
* Make should generate pkg-config file for gpr as well.
* Restrict the number of threads in C++ sync server.
* Allow reset of connection backoff.
- update to 1.14.2:
* Add guide
* Fixed gRPC channels blocking indefinitely and not respecting
deadlines on network disconnect.
* Add user guide for keepalive.
to restrict usage to server.
* Fixed ordering in adding pending picks to Round Robin LB.
* Implement local channel/server credentials for UDS connections.
* Allow extra copy in zero-copy protector integrity-only mode.
* Update to use the canonical version of LB proto.
* Prefer using https_proxy over http_proxy.
* Refactor to put c-ares queries under a combiner.
* Remove already_closed parameter from fd_orphan.
* Add channel arg to enable/disable http proxy.
* Fix shutdown of closed fd when c-ares opens a second fd.
* Fixed segmentation fault when product name from BIOS is empty.
* Introduce server-side load reporting service.
* Reorder steps in ServerBuilder::BuildAndStart().
* Support Per-Method Codegen Generic on Server Side.
* Protobuf-related headers are available in a subspec of
gRPC-C++ podspec.
- update to 1.13.1:
* gRPC stats will only be collected for debug builds or if
GRPC_COLLECT_STATS is defined. It will be disabled for opt
* Fix for Issue #13553. Unlimited can now be set as the max
receive message length.
* cmake install now also installs should also installs the
roots.pem file.
- Drop 0001-Allow-building-the-python-module-with-system-openssl.patch
Applied upstream
- Drop 0002-Allow-building-the-python-module-with-system-zlib.patch
Applied upstream
- 0003-Allow-building-the-python-module-with-system-cares.patch
Applied upstream
2018-06-23 -
- Throw out silly -Werror in release builds.
2018-05-25 -
- build grpc python module for python2 and python3
* add 0001-Allow-building-the-python-module-with-system-openssl.patch
* add 0002-Allow-building-the-python-module-with-system-zlib.patch
* add 0003-Allow-building-the-python-module-with-system-cares.patch
2018-05-18 -
- Switch to plain makefiles since they generate more shared libs.
- Remove grpc-build.diff, grpc-versioning.diff.

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