libbtrfs-devel - Include Files and Libraries for developing with Btrfs

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Package version 4.20.1
Package release 3.1
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This package contains the libraries and headers files for developers to
build applications to interface with Btrfs.


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libbtrfs-devel-4.20.1-3.1.i586.rpm 4.20.1 i586 openSUSE Oss
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btrfsprogs = 4.20.1-3.1
libbtrfs0 = 4.20.1


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libbtrfs-devel = 4.20.1-3.1
libbtrfs-devel(x86-64) = 4.20.1-3.1


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Binary Package libbtrfs-devel-4.20.1-3.1.x86_64.rpm
Source Package btrfsprogs-4.20.1-3.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install libbtrfs-devel rpm package:

# zypper install libbtrfs-devel




2019-03-28 - Mark Fasheh <>
- Use correct path for dracut-fsck-help.txt in (bsc#1122539)
* Remove
* Add
2019-01-24 -
- Advise user of fs recovery options when we fail to mount (fate#320443,
* Add dracut-fsck-help.txt
* Add
2019-01-22 -
- update to version 4.20.1
* libbtrfs: fix build of external tools due to missing symbols
* ci: enable library test
2019-01-19 - Avindra Goolcharan <>
- update to version 4.20
* new feature: metadata uuid
* lightweight change of UUID without rewriting all metadata
(incompatible change)
* done by btrfstune -m/-M, needs kernel support, 5.0+
* image:
* fix block groups when restoring from multi-device image
* only enlarge result image if it's a regular file
* check
* more device extent checks and fixes
* can repair dir item with mismatched hash
* mkfs: uuid tree created with proper contents
* fix mount point detection due to partial prefix match
* other:
* new tests, build fixes, doc updates
* libbtrfsutil: fix tests if kernel lacks support for new
subvolume ioctls
- partial cleanup with spec-cleaner
- drop 0001-btrfs-progs-Add-support-for-metadata_uuid-field.patch
- drop 0002-btrfs-progs-btrfstune-Add-support-for-changing-the-u.patch
- drop 0003-btrfs-progs-Remove-fsid-metdata_uuid-fields-from-fs_.patch
- drop 0004-btrfs-progs-Remove-btrfs_fs_info-new_fsid.patch
- drop 0005-btrfs-progs-Directly-pass-root-to-change_devices_uui.patch
2019-01-17 -
- Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]
2019-01-17 -
- Implement fate#325871
* Added 0001-btrfs-progs-Add-support-for-metadata_uuid-field.patch
* Added 0002-btrfs-progs-btrfstune-Add-support-for-changing-the-u.patch
* Added 0003-btrfs-progs-Remove-fsid-metdata_uuid-fields-from-fs_.patch
* Added 0004-btrfs-progs-Remove-btrfs_fs_info-new_fsid.patch
* Added 0005-btrfs-progs-Directly-pass-root-to-change_devices_uui.patch
2018-12-05 -
- update to version 4.19.1
* check
* many lowmem mode improvements
* properly report qgroup mismatch errors
* check symlinks with append/immutable flags
* fi usage
* correctly calculate allocated/unallocated for raid10
* minor output updates
* mkfs
* detect ENOSPC on thinly provisioned devices
* fix spurious EEXIST during directory traversal
* restore: fix relative path for restore target
* dump-tree: print symbolic tree names for backrefs
* send: fix regression preventing send -p with subvolumes mounted on "/"
* corrupt-tree: refactoring and command line updates
* build
* make it work with e2fsprogs < 1.42 again
* restore support for autoconf 2.63
* detect if -std=gnu90 is supported
* other
* new tests
* cleanups
2018-11-11 -
- update to version 4.19
* check: support repair of fs with free-space-tree feature
* core:
* port delayed ref infrastructure from kernel
* support write to free space tree
* dump-tree: new options for BFS and DFS enumeration of b-trees
* quota: rescan is now done automatically after 'assign'
* btrfstune: incomplete fix to uuid change
* subvol: fix 255 char limit checks
* completion: complete block devices and now regular files too
* docs:
* ship uncompressed manual pages
* btrfsck uses a manual page link instead of symlink
* other
* improved error handling
* docs
* new tests

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