kmod-bash-completion - Bash completion routines for the kmod utilities

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Package version 25
Package release 7.5
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Contains bash completion support for kmod utilities.


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kmod-bash-completion - - -


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kmod-bash-completion = 25-7.5


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Binary Package kmod-bash-completion-25-7.5.noarch.rpm
Source Package kmod-25-7.5.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install kmod-bash-completion rpm package:

# zypper install kmod-bash-completion




2018-12-07 - Michal Suchanek <>
- Fix module dependency file corruption on parallel invocation (bsc#1118629).
- Add depmod-Prevent-module-dependency-files-corruption-du.patch
- Add depmod-Prevent-module-dependency-files-missing-durin.patch
- Add depmod-shut-up-gcc-insufficinet-buffer-warning.patch
2018-07-18 -
- Remove enum padding constants, add enum.patch.
2018-06-08 -
- allow 'modprobe -c' print the status of "allow_unsupported_modules" option.
Add 0012-modprobe-print-unsupported-status.patch
2018-04-06 -
- Fix crash when PKCS#7 signer name is not present in signature (bsc#1088244)
Add libkmod-signature-pkcs-7-fix-crash-when-signer-info-.patch
2018-03-16 -
- for sle, buildexclude the 32bit platforms in kmod-testsuite,
they have no kernel binaries anyway (bnc#1085640)
2018-03-08 -
- Fix PKCS#7 signature display in modinfo (bsc#1077693).
* Add libkmod-signature-implement-pkcs7-parsing-with-asn1c.patch
* Add libkmod-signature-Fix-crash-when-module-signature-is.patch
* Refresh 0010-modprobe-Implement-allow-unsupported-modules.patch
2018-02-01 -
- Update to kmod v25
* Fix resolving symbols with MODULE_REL_CRCS (bsc#1077867)
- Drop depmod-Don-t-add-.TOC.-when-it-s-in-the-kernel.patch
2017-12-07 -
- Fix resolving .TOC. in modules on 4.4 and older kernel (bsc#1070209)
2017-11-20 -
- Move dependency on suse-module-tools to kmod-compat (bsc#1047911).
2017-08-28 -
- Add missing coreutils dependency for initrd macros (bsc#1055492).

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