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This package contains the devel files for kbibtex.


Package Version Architecture Repository
kbibtex-devel-0.9.50-ku.44.1.x86_64.rpm 0.9.50 x86_64 KDE Extra Unstable
kbibtex-devel-0.9.50-ku.44.1.i586.rpm 0.9.50 i586 KDE Extra Unstable
kbibtex-devel-0.8.2-17.12.x86_64.rpm 0.8.2 x86_64 KDE Extra
kbibtex-devel-0.8.2-17.12.i586.rpm 0.8.2 i586 KDE Extra
kbibtex-devel-0.8.2-1.4.x86_64.rpm 0.8.2 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
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kbibtex = 0.8.2


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kbibtex-devel = 0.8.2-1.4
kbibtex-devel(x86-32) = 0.8.2-1.4


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Mirror widehat.opensuse.org
Binary Package kbibtex-devel-0.8.2-1.4.i586.rpm
Source Package kbibtex-0.8.2-1.4.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install kbibtex-devel rpm package:

# zypper install kbibtex-devel




2019-01-05 - Cor Blom <cornelis@solcon.nl>
- Update to version 0.8.2:
* Formatting error when saving file ( switching " and } ) (kde#388892)
* Crash after compilation (kde#394659)
* When saving the file, I am always warned that file has changed in disk
* Bibliography system options contains duplicates  (kde#396598)
* ScienceDirect search broken  (kde#397027)
* Untranslated strings from bibtexfields.cpp and bibtexentries.cpp
* KBibTeX crashes when editing element  (kde#398136)
* Don't remove leading whitespace in macros (kde#401470)
* Using official APIs for IEEE Xplore and ScienceDirect
* Fixing resource leakage as identified by Coverity Scan:
CID 287670, 287669
* Fixing issues as identified by clazy
* Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS protocol in various places
* In encoder classes, migrating away from raw char and char* to Qt
* Various smaller fixes
- Removed now merged kde398136.patch
2018-11-18 - Fabian Vogt <fabian@ritter-vogt.de>
- Replace desktopfile.diff by proper use of %suse_update_desktop_file
- Clean up the .spec file
- Mark kbibtexrc as %config
- Add %bcond_without lang
2018-09-12 - Cor Blom <cornelis@solcon.nl>
- Add kde398136.patch to fix crash when editing element (kde#398136)
2018-09-01 - wbauer@tmo.at
- BuildRequire QtWebKit only when building without QtWebEngine,
it's not used at all otherwise
- Don't run %suse_update_desktop_file on kbibtexpart.desktop, it's
not part of the application menu and is not supposed to have a
2018-06-29 - cornelis@solcon.nl
- Add desktopfile.diff to solve rpmlint errors
2018-06-29 - cornelis@solcon.nl
- Remove %mime_database_post/postun and %desktop_database_post/postun,
they are no longer needed since suse_version 1500
2018-06-24 - wbauer@tmo.at
- Update to 0.8.1 (0.8 final release)
* no code changes since 0.8rc1 (0.8.0 was not released due to a
bug when computing the version number in CMakeLists.txt)
- Only build with QtWebEngine on platforms where it is available
2018-05-31 - stefan.bruens@rwth-aachen.de
- Fix typo in Requires, making the package dependencies unresolvable
2018-05-29 - cornelis@solcon.nl
- Update to 0.7.95 a.k.a. 0.8rc1
Most important user visible changes:
* Removing ISBNdb as it is no longer a free service
* Updating list of journal abbreviations (kde#393032)
* LyX pipe detection (issues with Kile 3 fixed) (kde#393224)
* Preview image/vnd.djvu+multipage files (kde#391198)
* Fixing crash when closing settings dialog (kde# 378497)
* More options for ID generation: volume number, first page (kde#368732)
* More details in included changelog
2018-05-06 - wbauer@tmo.at
- Recommend lang package

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