jgroups - Toolkit for reliable multicast communication

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JGroups is a toolkit for reliable multicast communication. (Note that
this doesn't necessarily mean IP Multicast, JGroups can also use
transports such as TCP). It can be used to create groups of processes
whose members can send messages to each other. The main features include
* Group creation and deletion. Group members can be spread across
LANs or WANs
* Joining and leaving of groups
* Membership detection and notification about joined/left/crashed members
* Detection and removal of crashed members
* Sending and receiving of member-to-group messages (point-to-multipoint)
* Sending and receiving of member-to-member messages (point-to-point)
To use JGroups one needs:
To run JGroups you need to have an XML parser installed on your system.
If you use JDK 1.4 or higher, you can use the parser that is shipped with it.
If you want to use the JGroups JMS protocol ( org.jgroups.protocols.JMS ),
then you will also need to place jms.jar somewhere in your CLASSPATH.
Place the JAR files somewhere in your CLASSPATH , and you're ready to start
using JGroups.


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jgroups-2.6.10-58.7.noarch.rpm 2.6.10 noarch JAVA
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javagroups = 2.6.10
jgroups = 2.6.10-30.1


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Binary Package jgroups-2.6.10-30.1.noarch.rpm
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Install Howto

Install jgroups rpm package:

# zypper install jgroups




2019-04-15 - Fridrich Strba <fstrba@suse.com>
- Build classpath with the jar file instead of with a symlink
2018-11-01 - Fridrich Strba <fstrba@suse.com>
- Build against and require the bsh2 instead of the old bsh
2017-09-19 - fstrba@suse.com
- Added patch:
* jgroups-nosource.patch
+ don't hardcode source level; we specify it on command-line
- Build with java source and target levels 1.6 in order to allow
building with jdk9
2014-07-08 - tchvatal@suse.com
- Do not depend on ant-trax and run spec-cleaner.
2014-06-27 - tchvatal@suse.com
- Fix build on SLE11
2013-12-12 - mvyskocil@suse.com
- Remove swingui part, no longer provided by junit 4
* jgroups-swingui.patch
2013-10-11 - mvyskocil@suse.com
- drop dirname macro to fix a build
2013-09-09 - tchvatal@suse.com
- Move from jpackage-utils to javapackage-tools
2009-06-15 - mvyskocil@suse.cz
- fixed bnc#509439: used svn snapshot of documentation under CC license
2009-05-25 - mvyskocil@suse.cz
- renamed to new upstream name - jgroups
- synchronized spec file with jpackage.org 5.0
- updated to 2.6.10 with lot of new features:
* Fast Message marshalling
* Better performance (see PerformanceNotes.txt in manual package)
* New protocols: VIEW_SYNC, AUTH, FLUSH, FD_ALL, SFC, Sequencer based total
order protocol
* MPING supports cluster multicast using TCP transposr
* JMX support
* Push model for JChannel
* Fine-grained interface binding
* Retransmission from random member
* Discovery of all clusters in a network
* TCP_NIO support
* Channel multiplexer
* Partial state transfer
* ENCRYPT enhancements
* Streaming state transfer
* View bundling
* Failure detection: FD_PING, PD_ICMP
* Concurrent stack and multiplexer
* Out-of-band (unordered) messages
* Full support for virtual synchrony
* Switch to java.util.concurrent classes (JDK 5.0)
* Reincarnation prevention
* Shared transport
* TCPPING: discovery done in parallel
* Timer thread pool moved to transport protocol
* Elimination of cross talking (on Linux)
* Much faster discovery
* Many bugfixes

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