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Icinga Web 2 vendor library Parsedown.


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icingaweb2-common = 2.6.3-1.1
php >= 5.6.0


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icingaweb2-vendor-Parsedown = 2.6.3-1.1


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Mirror widehat.opensuse.org
Binary Package icingaweb2-vendor-Parsedown-2.6.3-1.1.noarch.rpm
Source Package icingaweb2-2.6.3-1.1.src.rpm

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2019-04-25 - Martin Li?ka <mliska@suse.cz>
- update to 2.6.3
You can find issues related to this release on our Roadmap.
* PHP 7.3
- Now supported. tada
* LDAP - Community contributions, that's the spirit
With the help of our users we've finally fixed the issue that
defining multiple hostnames and enabling STARTTLS has never
properly worked. Also, they've identified that defining
multiple hostnames caused a customized port not being utilized
and fixed it themselves.
There has also a rare case been fixed that caused no group
members being found in case object classes had a different
casing than what we expected. (Good news for all the
non-OpenLdap and non-MSActiveDirectory users)
- LDAP connection fails with multiple servers using STARTTLS
- LDAPS authentication ignores custom port setting #3713
- LDAP group members not found #3650
* We take care about your data even better now
With this are newlines and HTML entities (such as &nbsp;) in
plugin output and custom variables meant.
Sorry if I've teased some data security folks now. innocent
- Newlines in plugin output disappear #3662
- Windows path separators are converted to newlines in custom
variables #3636
- HTML entities in plugin output are not resolved if no other
HTML is there #3707
* You've wondered how you got into a famous blue police box?
Don't worry, not only you and the european union are sometimes
unsure what's the correct time.
- Set client timezone on DB connection #3525
- Ensure a valid default timezone is set in any case #3747
- Fix that the event detail view is not showing times in
correct timezone #3660
* UI - The portal to your monitoring environment, improved
The collapsible sidebar introduced with v2.5 has been plagued
by some issues since then. They're now fixed. Also, the UI
should now flicker less and properly preserve the scroll
position when interacting with action links. (This also allows
the business process module to behave more stable when using
drag and drop in large configurations.)
- Collapsible Sidebar Issues #3187
- Fix title when closing right column #3654
- Preserve scroll position upon form submits #3661
* Corrected things we've broke recently
That's due to preemptive changes to protect you from bad
individuals. Unfortunately this meant that some unforeseen
side-effects appeared after the release of v2.6.2.
These are now fixed.
- Multiline values in ini files broken #3705
- PHP ini parser doesn't strip trailing whitespace #3733
- Escaped characters in INI values are not unescaped #3648
- Though, if you've faced issue #3705 you still need to take
manual action (if not already done) as the provided fix does
only prevent further occurrences of the resulting error. The
required changes involve the transformation of all real
newlines in Icinga Web 2's INI files to literal \n or \r\n
sequences. (Files likely having such are the roles.ini and
2018-11-21 - ecsos@opensuse.org
- update to 2.6.2
You can find issues and features related to this release on our Roadmap.
This bugfix release addresses the following topics:
* Database connections to MySQL 8 no longer fail
* LDAP connections now have a timeout configuration which defaults to 5 seconds
* User groups are now correctly loaded for externally authenticated users
* Filters are respected for all links in the host and service group overviews
* Fixed permission problems where host and service actions provided by modules were missing
* Fixed an SQL error in the contact list view when filtering for host groups
* Fixed time zone (DST) detection
* Fixed the contact details view if restrictions are active
* Doc parser and documentation fixes
- Fix security issues:
boo#1119784 (CVE-2018-18246) and
boo#1119785 (CVE-2018-18247) and
boo#1119799 (CVE-2018-18249) and
boo#1119800 (CVE-2018-18250) and
boo#1119801 (CVE-2018-18248)

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