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This package contains the header and library files for httrack.


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httrack-devel-3.49.2-22.14.x86_64.rpm 3.49.2 x86_64 Security
httrack-devel-3.49.2-22.14.i586.rpm 3.49.2 i586 Security
httrack-devel-3.49.2-1.4.i586.rpm 3.49.2 i586 openSUSE Oss
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libhttrack2 = 3.49.2
libopenssl-devel -


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httrack-devel = 3.49.2-1.4
httrack-devel(x86-64) = 3.49.2-1.4


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Binary Package httrack-devel-3.49.2-1.4.x86_64.rpm
Source Package httrack-3.49.2-1.4.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install httrack-devel rpm package:

# zypper install httrack-devel




2017-10-01 -
- Updated to version 3.49.2:
* Fixed: Buffer overflow in output option commandline argument
(VL-ID 2068).
* Minor fixes.
- Changes from version 3.48.23:
* Fixed: FTBFS with openssl 1.1.0.
2016-07-30 -
- Update to 3.48.22
- Spec file cleanup
2014-08-22 -
- Update to 3.48.19:
+ Fixed: assertion failure at htslib.c:3458 (strlen(copyBuff) == qLen) seen
on Linux
+ Fixed: infamous crashes inside the DNS cache due to a corruption within the
option structure (E.Kalinowski/karbofos)
+ New: added minimalistic crash reporting on Windows and Linux
+ Fixed: URL list not working anymore (tom swift)
+ Fixed: FTBFS on ARM
+ Fixed: buggy FFFD (replacement character) in place of leading non-ascii
character such as Chinese ones (aballboy)
+ Fixed: FTBFS when compiling with zlib versions < 1.2.70 (sammyx)
+ Fixed: buggy SVG (Smiling Spectre)
+ Fixed: do not uncompress .tgz advertised as "streamed" (Smiling Spectre)
+ Fixed: NULL pointer dereferencing in back_unserialize (htsback.c:976)
+ Fixed: library development files
+ Fixed: --advanced-maxlinks broken (Localhost)
+ Fixed: -devel package should now be standalone
+ Fixed: assertion failure at htscore.c:244
(len + liensbuf->string_buffer_size < liensbuf->string_buffer_capa)
+ Fixed: injection-proof templates
+ Fixed: htshash.c:330 assertion failure ("error invalidating hash entry")
+ Fixed: Windows 2000 regression (fantozzi.usenet)
+ Fixed: code cleanup (aliasing issues, const correctness, safe strings)
+ New: handle --advanced-maxlinks=0 to disable maximum link limits
+ New: updated ZIP routines (zlib 1.2.8)
+ Fixed: broken 32-bit version
+ Fixed: assertion "segOutputSize < segSize assertion fails at
+ Fixed: new zlib version fixing CVE-2004-0797 and CVE-2005-2096
+ Fixed: more reliable crash reporting
+ Fixed: fixed infamous "hashtable internal error: cuckoo/stash collision"
+ Fixed: safety cleanup in many strings operations
+ Fixed: buggy option pannels
+ New: Enforce check against CVE-2014-0160
+ New: improved hashtables to speedup large mirrors
+ New: added unit tests
+ New: Added %a option, allowing to define the "Accept:" header line.
+ New: Added %X option, to define additional request header lines.
+ New: Added option '-%t', preserving the original file type (which may
produce non-browseable file locally)
+ Fixed: remove scope id (% character) in dotted address resolution
(especially for catchurl proxy)
+ Fixed: build fixes, including for Android, non-SSL releases
+ Fixed: buggy keep-alive handling, leading to waste connections
+ Fixed: removed chroot and setuid features (this is definitely not our
+ Fixed: removed MMS (Microsoft Media Server) ripping code (mmsrip) (dead
protocol, unmaintained code, licensing issues)
+ Fixed: type mishandling when processing a redirect (such as a .PDF
redirecting to another .PDF, with a text/html type tagged in the redirect
+ Fixed: infinite loop when attempting to download a file:/// directory on
Unix (gp)<br/>
+ Fixed: removed background DNS resolution, prone to bugs
+ Fixed: do not choke on Windows 2000 because of missing SetDllDirectory()
(Andy Hewitt)
+ Fixed: %h custom build structure parameter not taken in account (William
- Removed the fix for build-compare regarding build time references (not needed
- Rebased httrack-fix-strict-aliasing-punning.patch to apply cleanly.
2013-10-17 -
- move the html documentation back to /usr/share/httrack/html
+ See BNC#845885

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