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A collection of tools and tcl packages for the manipulation and layout
of graphs (as in nodes and edges, not as in bar charts).


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graphviz-java-2.40.1+git20190410.b0871968d-1.1.x86_64.rpm 2.40.1+git20190410.b0871968d x86_64 openSUSE Oss
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graphviz = 2.40.1+git20190410.b0871968d
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graphviz-java = 2.40.1+git20190410.b0871968d-1.1
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Binary Package graphviz-java-2.40.1+git20190410.b0871968d-1.1.i586.rpm
Source Package graphviz-addons-2.40.1+git20190410.b0871968d-1.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install graphviz-java rpm package:

# zypper install graphviz-java




2019-04-16 - Christian Vögl <>
- Disabled Visio plugin
2019-04-15 - Atri Bhattacharya <>
- Use %%python3_sitearch macro to package python3 modules.
- use correct ruby version (2.5) for openSUSE 15.1 and earlier.
2019-04-02 - Christian Vögl <>
- Now using master branch of upstream, as there have been no releases for
over two years
* this should fix CVE-2019-11023 (boo#1132091)
- Removed  graphviz-qt5.patch (now in upstream)
- Removed reproducible.patch (now in upstream)
- graphviz-smyrna-link_against_glu.patch changed to be applicable to current files
- graphviz-no_strict_aliasing.patch changed to be applicable to current files
- Added graphviz-fix-ruby-version.patch to remove hardcoded dependency on ruby 1.9
- graphviz.spec updated for new version
- created _service file
2018-11-30 -
- use pkg-config with correct parameter, reported by Werner Fink
2018-11-29 -
- Support dynamic move to Guile 2.2, part of boo#1117121:
- Replace conditional pkgconfig(guile-2.[02]) BuildRequires with
guile-devel: The package name is unchanged, which allows the
distro projects to move wihout step-locking changes.
- Patch to look for guile-2.2 if guile 2.2 is being
- order inputs alphabetically
2018-11-16 -
- Fixed double file declaration in graphviz and graphviz-addons (x11)
- Mark license files with %license instead of %doc
2018-10-25 -
- Build with gts support (bsc#1108978, bsc#1108976)
SLE12 flavors do not provide gts, so explicitly exclude
gts support there.
2018-07-30 -
- Extend reproducible.patch to make build reproducible (boo#1041534)
2018-03-27 -
- Build with PHP5 for Leap 42.x and earlier, PHP7 requires swig 3.0.11
Drop graphviz-plugins-fix_install_dirs.patch, use sed script to
fix directories, same as for Lua
2018-03-27 -
- Do not delete dotty/lefty/lneato man pages which are part of
the x11 subpackage, built from the addons package/spec.
(No changelog entry).

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