glibc-profile - Libc Profiling and Debugging Versions

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Package version 2.29
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This package contains special versions of the GNU C library which are
necessary for profiling and debugging.


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glibc-profile-2.29-5.1.i586.rpm 2.29 i586 openSUSE Oss
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glibc = 2.29


Name Value
glibc-profile = 2.29-5.1
glibc-profile(x86-64) = 2.29-5.1


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Binary Package glibc-profile-2.29-5.1.x86_64.rpm
Source Package glibc-2.29-5.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install glibc-profile rpm package:

# zypper install glibc-profile




2019-04-03 - Andreas Schwab <>
- japanese-era-name-may-2019.patch: ja_JP locale: Add entry for the new
Japanese era (BZ #22964)
- Replace glibc_post_upgrade with lua script
2019-03-07 - Andreas Schwab <>
- add-new-Fortran-vector-math-header-file.patch: Update from upstream
2019-03-05 - Andreas Schwab <>
- regex-read-overrun.patch: fix read overrun (CVE-2019-9169, bsc#1127308,
BZ #24114)
- ldconfig-concurrency.patch: Avoid concurrency problem in ldconfig
(bsc#1117993, BZ #23973)
2019-02-21 - Martin Li?ka <>
- Add add-new-Fortran-vector-math-header-file.patch.
2019-02-18 -
- pthread-rwlock-trylock-stalls.patch: nptl: Fix pthread_rwlock_try*lock
stalls (BZ #23844)
- arm-systemtap-probe-constraint.patch: arm: Use "nr" constraint for
Systemtap probes (BZ #24164)
- pthread-mutex-barrier.patch: Add compiler barriers around modifications
of the robust mutex list for pthread_mutex_trylock (BZ #24180)
- fork-handler-lock.patch: nptl: Avoid fork handler lock for
async-signal-safe fork (BZ #24161)
- pthread-join-probe.patch: nptl: Fix invalid Systemtap probe in
pthread_join (BZ #24211)
- riscv-clone-unwind.patch: RISC-V: Fix elfutils testsuite unwind failures
(BZ #24040)
2019-02-01 -
- Update to glibc 2.29
* The getcpu wrapper function has been added, which returns the currently
used CPU and NUMA node
* Optimized generic exp, exp2, log, log2, pow, sinf, cosf, sincosf and tanf
* The reallocarray function is now declared under _DEFAULT_SOURCE, not just
for _GNU_SOURCE, to match BSD environments
* For powercp64le ABI, Transactional Lock Elision is now enabled iff kernel
indicates that it will abort the transaction prior to entering the kernel
* The functions posix_spawn_file_actions_addchdir_np and
posix_spawn_file_actions_addfchdir_np have been added, enabling
posix_spawn and posix_spawnp to run the new process in a different
* The popen and system do not run atfork handlers anymore (BZ#17490)
* strftime's default formatting of a locale's alternative year (%Ey)
has been changed to zero-pad the year to a minimum of two digits,
like "%y"
* As a GNU extension, the '_' and '-' flags can now be applied to
"%EY" to control how the year number is formatted
* The glibc.tune tunable namespace has been renamed to glibc.cpu and the
tunable glibc.tune.cpu has been renamed to
* The type of the pr_uid and pr_gid members of struct elf_prpsinfo, defined
in <sys/procfs.h>, has been corrected to match the type actually used by
the Linux kernel
* An archaic GNU extension to scanf, under which '%as', '%aS', and '%a[...]'
meant to scan a string and allocate space for it with malloc, is now
restricted to programs compiled in C89 or C++98 mode with _GNU_SOURCE
- unwind-ctor.patch, old-getdents64.patch, nss-files-leak.patch,
regex-uninit-memory-access.patch, spawni-maybe-script-execute.patch,
gethostid-gethostbyname-failure.patch, strstr-huge-needle.patch,
pthread-mutex-lock-elision-race.patch, x86-haswell-string-flags.patch,
if-nametoindex-descr-leak.patch, riscv-flush-icache.patch: Removed
- CVE-2016-10739
2019-01-09 -
- fnmatch-collating-elements.patch: update
- riscv-flush-icache.patch: fix for compiling against 4.20 headers
2018-11-28 -
- if-nametoindex-descr-leak.patch: if_nametoindex: Fix descriptor leak for
overlong name (CVE-2018-19591, BZ #23927, bsc#1117603)
2018-11-07 - Jan Engelhardt <>
- Fix typography for glibc-locale-base.
2018-11-07 -
- pthread-mutex-lock-elision-race.patch: Fix race in pthread_mutex_lock
while promoting to PTHREAD_MUTEX_ELISION_NP (BZ #23275)
- x86-haswell-string-flags.patch: x86: Fix Haswell CPU string flags (BZ

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