gambas3-ide - The Gambas Development Enviroment

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This package includes the complete Gambas Development Environment, with the
database manager and the help files.
The IDE itself is written in Gambas-BASIC.


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gambas3-ide-3.13.0-46.4.x86_64.rpm 3.13.0 x86_64 Education
gambas3-ide-3.13.0-46.4.i586.rpm 3.13.0 i586 Education
gambas3-ide-3.13.0-1.1.x86_64.rpm 3.13.0 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
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gambas3 = 3.13.0
gambas3-devel = 3.13.0
gambas3-gb-args = 3.13.0
gambas3-gb-clipper = 3.13.0
gambas3-gb-db = 3.13.0
gambas3-gb-db-form = 3.13.0
gambas3-gb-desktop = 3.13.0
gambas3-gb-eval-highlight = 3.13.0
gambas3-gb-form = 3.13.0
gambas3-gb-form-dialog = 3.13.0
gambas3-gb-form-editor = 3.13.0
gambas3-gb-form-mdi = 3.13.0
gambas3-gb-form-stock = 3.13.0
gambas3-gb-image = 3.13.0
gambas3-gb-image-effect = 3.13.0
gambas3-gb-markdown = 3.13.0
gambas3-gb-net = 3.13.0
gambas3-gb-net-curl = 3.13.0
gambas3-gb-qt5 = 3.13.0
gambas3-gb-qt5-ext = 3.13.0
gambas3-gb-qt5-opengl = 3.13.0
gambas3-gb-qt5-webkit = 3.13.0
gambas3-gb-settings = 3.13.0
gambas3-gb-util = 3.13.0
gambas3-runtime = 3.13.0
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gambas3-ide = 3.13.0-1.1
gambas3-ide(x86-32) = 3.13.0-1.1


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Binary Package gambas3-ide-3.13.0-1.1.i586.rpm
Source Package gambas3-3.13.0-1.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install gambas3-ide rpm package:

# zypper install gambas3-ide




2019-04-11 - Alexei Podvalsky <>
- Update to 3.13.0:
* [GP.MAP] BUG: Small bug fixes.
* Fix Url$() escaping characters.
* Code editor: The method popup font is sized according to the
number of methods to display.
* Some unary operator syntax rewrite in source code.
* Fix the JIT compiler: '_init' method, Lock instruction,
Object datatype, and DO / REPEAT loops at the beginning of a
function now work correctly.
* Update es.po
* Compile with GStreamer < 1.16.
* Speed is a new property that allows to define the media
playing speed. A negative speed moves backward.
* Support for playing speed rate and step-by-step forward.
* Update readme files.
* Option dialog: Fix spacing of some options in 'Project' tab.
* Changes in testing code.
* TerminalView: the minimal screen height is now 2 lines.
* NEW: Run Gambas tests last.
* Fix case typo in source code.
* Correctly normalize SQLite session file names.
* Fix typo in a source file that is not yet used.
* Cosmetic changes in debugger code.
* Fix Array.Shuffle() on String, Long and Object arrays.
* Array.Shuffle() is a new method that randomly shuffles an
array using Fisher?Yates algorithm.
* ASSERT ... PRINT or ERROR allows to use PRINT or ERROR to
print a message when the assertion fails.
2019-04-09 - Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Add the missing dependencies for Tumbleweed.
2019-03-05 -
- Version 3.12 has a hard buildrequirement for pkgconfig(ncurses)
This requirement is only available in 13.2 and later.
Disable the ncurses subpkg and swallow pkgs from previous versions
- Switch to autosetup, do not touch sources in prep
- Package metainfo directory to fix build
2019-02-10 - Jan Engelhardt <>
- Trim future goals.
2019-02-04 - Alexei Podvalsky <>
- Update to 3.12.2:
* Fix UdpSocket class declaration.
* UdpSocket: Host is a new property that allows to define the
IP address the UDP socket will be bounded to.
* Make the "./" path equivalent to "." as before, and not a
prefix for a component with a null name.
* Take care of components that modifiy the 'environ' variable.
Using 'gb.httpd' does not crash anymore.
* Fix Debug instruction and support for the new Assert
* Really fix the loop optimization.
* Fix loop optimization that didn't work on loops calling
themselves recursively.
* Fix badly committed files.
* Font[] now assumes a default size of 10 points, so that you
don't have to specify the font size when creating the Font object.
* TerminalView: Implement "ESC <N> b" sequence.
* Support for 'tcc' compiler.
* Do not propagate mouse wheel events of ComboBox, TextArea,
Slider and ScrollBar, as in Qt components.
* Project property dialog: Use custom icons for component tab
check boxes, because some style cannot draw them correctly.
* Introduce RssDate for date+timezone handling
* RssGuid: do not set IsPermaLink by default when parsing
* Depend on gb.util for RFC822 date conversions
* Switch version to 3.12.1.
* Merge branch 'stable' of into stable
* Merge branch 'master' into stable
* Update some test forms and version numbers.
- Update gambas3-3.10.0-llvm.patch > gambas3-3.12.2-llvm.patch
2018-10-03 - Lars Vogdt <>
- update to 3.11.4:
This release includes the backports of fixes made in the development
version since 3.11.3.
The main fixes are:
* The thousand separators management has been fixed.
* The CHMOD instruction has been fixed.
* The sqlite session management has been fixed in the gb.web component.
* gb.mime is now compatible with the 3.0 version of the libgmime library.
See the ChangeLog for the other ones.
- removed gambas3-3.11.3-pkgconfig-sdl2.patch
2018-08-22 -
- Fix packaging with qt4
2018-08-03 -
- Switch to gitlab

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