fuse3 - Reference implementation of the "Filesystem in Userspace"

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Package version 3.5.0
Package release 1.1
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Homepage https://github.com/libfuse/libfuse
License GPL-2.0-or-later AND LGPL-2.1-or-later AND BSD-2-Clause
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With FUSE, a user space program can export a file system to the
Linux kernel.
After installing fuse-devel, administrators can compile and install
other user space file systems which can be found at


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fuse3-3.5.0-1.1.i586.rpm 3.5.0 i586 openSUSE Oss
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group(trusted) -
libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.28)(64bit) -
libfuse3.so.3()(64bit) -
libfuse3.so.3(FUSE_3.3)(64bit) -
permissions -
util-linux >= 2.18


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config(fuse3) = 3.5.0-1.1
fuse3 = 3.5.0-1.1
fuse3(x86-64) = 3.5.0-1.1


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Mirror widehat.opensuse.org
Binary Package fuse3-3.5.0-1.1.x86_64.rpm
Source Package fuse3-3.5.0-1.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install fuse3 rpm package:

# zypper install fuse3




2019-04-17 - Paolo Stivanin <info@paolostivanin.com>
- Update to 3.5.0:
* Changed ioctl commands to "unsigned int" in order to support
commands which do not fit into a signed int. Commands issued
by applications are still truncated to 32 bits.
* Added SMB2 to whitelist (so users can now mount FUSE
filesystems on mountpoints within SMB 2.0 filesystems).
* Added a new cache_readdir flag to fuse_file_info to enable
caching of readdir results. Supported by kernels 4.20 and newer.
* Add support and documentation for FUSE_CAP_NO_OPENDIR_SUPPORT.
2019-03-19 - Jan Engelhardt <jengelh@inai.de>
- Amend License: field with BSD2c, from
2019-03-18 - Paolo Stivanin <info@paolostivanin.com>
- Update to 3.4.2
* The examples/passthrough_ll.c example filesystem has been significantly extended.
* Support for copy_file_range has been added.
* Build system updates for non-Linux systems.
* Fixed a memory leak
* Added OpenAFS and HFS+ to whitelist
* Docu updates
2018-11-29 - Jan Engelhardt <jengelh@inai.de>
- Update descriptions.
- Do not make documentation mandatory.
2018-11-26 - Ismail Dönmez <idonmez@suse.com>
- Update to version 3.3.0
* The auto_unmount mode now works correctly in combination with
* The FUSE_CAP_READDIRPLUS_AUTO capability is no longer enabled by
default unless the file system defines both a readdir() and a
readdirplus() handler.
* The description of the FUSE_CAP_READDIRPLUS_AUTO flag has been
* Allow open /dev/fuse file descriptors to be passed via mountpoints
of the special format /dev/fd/%u. This allows mounting to be
handled by the parent so the FUSE filesystem process can run
fully unprivileged.
* Add a drop_privileges option to mount.fuse3 which causes it to open
/dev/fuse and mount the file system itself, then run the FUSE file
filesystem fully unprivileged and unable to re-acquire privilege
via setuid, fscaps, etc.
* Documented under which conditions the fuse_lowlevel_notify_*
functions may block.
* The chmod, chown, truncate, utimens and getattr handlers of
the high-level API now all receive an additional struct
fuse_file_info pointer. There are more API changes, consult
for details.
2018-10-04 - Ismail Dönmez <idonmez@suse.com>
- Initial release v3.2.6

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