fribidi - An implementation of the Unicode BiDi algorithm

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This library implements the algorithm as described in "Unicode
Standard Annex #9, the Bidirectional Algorithm".


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Install Howto

Install fribidi rpm package:

# zypper install fribidi




2018-10-24 -
- Update to version 1.0.5:
+ Updated unicode tables to version 11
+ Bugfix release - character tests were not running previously
+ Small speedup due to small arrays being allocated on the stack
2018-02-18 -
- Trim redundancies in the description.
2018-02-17 -
- Update to version 1.0.1:
+ Minor distribution related fixes.
- Changes from version 1.0.0:
+ Full isolate and parenthesis support as per Unicode 6.3 to
Unicode 10.0.
+ To get access to the new algorithm calls to the function
`fribidi_get_par_embedding_levels()` must be replaced with
calls to `fribidi_get_par_embedding_levels_ex()`. These
functions are not API compatible. Calling the older function
will use default values for the new bracket properties and will
sometimes yield non-complient results.
- Changes from version 0.19.7:
+ Disable thread-unsafe memory pool by default (fdo#79385).
+ Misc fixes.
- Update Url tag to the current
Fribidi web page.
- Drop enable-malloc configure option: the thread safety problem is
already fixed and it's not an available configure option anymore.
- Drop fdupes BuildRequires and its macro: it is no longer needed.
2014-11-06 -
- update version 0.19.6
* Fix two minor bidi bugs.
* Build with new libtool to support ppc64le.
- fix boo#903462: -enable-malloc to be thread safe
2014-09-10 -
- libfribidi-devel requires %{lname} = %{version}
2014-07-19 -
- Utilize shared library package naming guidelines
- Drop Requires:pkg-config for fribidi-devel, it is implicit
(due to .pc file being picked up by rpm find-requires)
2013-03-26 -
- Added url as source.
Please see
2011-02-06 -
- update to 0.19.2
* Update to Unicode Character Database 5.1.0
2010-04-30 -
- buildrequire pkg-config to fix provides
2009-12-17 -
- add baselibs.conf as a source

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