dex-oidc - OpenID Connect Identity (OIDC) and OAuth 2.0 Provider with Pluggable Connectors

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Dex is an identity service that uses OpenID Connect to drive authentication for other apps.
Dex is NOT a user-management system, but acts as a portal to other identity providers through "connectors."
This lets dex defer authentication to LDAP servers, SAML providers, or established identity providers like
GitHub, Google, and Active Directory. Clients write their authentication logic once to talk to dex, then
dex handles the protocols for a given backend.


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caasp-dex = 2.13.0
dex-oidc = 2.13.0-1.2
dex-oidc(x86-64) = 2.13.0-1.2


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caasp-dex < 2.13.0


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Binary Package dex-oidc-2.13.0-1.2.x86_64.rpm
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Install Howto

Install dex-oidc rpm package:

# zypper install dex-oidc




2018-11-15 - Panagiotis Georgiadis <>
- Fix boo#1116116 [dex Version: was not built properly]
- Revert the binary name back to 'dex'. Zypper conflict is expected to happen.
- Add two binaries: example-app, grpc-client
- Update to version 2.13.0
* Update to Go 1.11
* Mock connector support refresh tokens
* Dex no longer attempts to create CRDs if they're already created
* Updates to Kubernetes storage and RBAC docs
* Fix golint build issues
* Fix Bitbucket documentation
2018-02-01 -
- Fix the binary name so we don't conflict with the dex package
which is something totally unrelated.
2017-12-15 -
- Update to version 2.7.1:
* connector/github: only user users' login name in API reqs
* connector/github: debug->info logging, more informative userInOrg msg
* When connecting to GitHub Enterprise, force email verified field to true
* connector/github: error if no groups scope without orgs
* Updated comment to include reference to GitHub Enterprise not supporting verified emails
* server: set sane bcrypt cost upper bound
* connector/github: abstract scope check and group getter
* *: add standup script for LDAP
* storage/static.go: storage backend should not explicitly lower-case email ids.
* Documentation: OIDC conformance test setup
* Documentation: oidc conformance test case and issue tables
* server: fix panic caused by deleting refresh token twice through api
* [WIP]: add CRD support
* Updates coreos themes and icons for various providers
* Makefile: error out if go files aren't correctly formatted
* storage/kubernetes: add CRD support
* Documentation: add docs for TPR to CRD migration
* storage/kubernetes: Correct the OfflineSession object CRD definition
2017-10-05 -
- Fix to actually apply the patch
2017-10-05 -
- Add a patch to unmarshal the frontend settings from the
configuration file.
2017-09-15 -
- Add a patch to set the default web directory to match the location
at which we install web content.
2017-09-15 -
- Include web content within the RPM (bsc#1058833)
2017-09-11 -
- Renaming to caasp-dex
2017-09-11 -
- Add missing copyright notice to spec file
2017-08-31 -
- Initial commit

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