cronic - A cure for Cron's chronic email problem

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Package filename cronic-3-1.6.noarch.rpm
Package name cronic
Package version 3
Package release 1.6
Package architecture noarch
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Cronic is a small shim shell script for wrapping cron jobs so that cron only
sends email when an error has occurred. Cronic defines an error as any non-
trace error output or a non-zero result code. Cronic filters Bash execution
traces (or anything matching PS4) from the error output, so jobs can be run
with execution tracing to aid forensic debugging. Cronic has no options, it
simply executes its arguments.


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cronic - - -


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cronic = 3-1.6


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Binary Package cronic-3-1.6.noarch.rpm
Source Package cronic-3-1.6.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install cronic rpm package:

# zypper install cronic




2016-04-13 -
- Security update to v3 (CVE-2016-3992):
* Use mktemp-d to avoid race-conditions and security problems.
* Drop cronic.patch, which has become redundant.
2014-09-05 -
- Fix /tmp races
2014-09-03 -
- Fixed license string in .spec file
2014-09-01 -
- Updated script from source, it now states the license
2014-09-01 -
- Added source URL
- Fix license specification
2013-04-06 -
- Initial RPM package

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