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Cram is a functional testing framework for command line applications
based on Mercurial's `unified test format'.
Cram tests look like snippets of interactive shell sessions. Cram runs
each command and compares the command output in the test with the
command's actual output.
This package contains common files for cram.


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cram-common = 0.7-1.2


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Binary Package cram-common-0.7-1.2.noarch.rpm
Source Package cram-0.7-1.2.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install cram-common rpm package:

# zypper install cram-common




2018-06-19 -
- %check was failing on coverage less than 100%, let's adjust test
2017-07-10 -
- Add singlespec macro backwards compatibility shims.
2017-06-27 -
- Provide/obsolete old cram
2017-06-14 -
- Convert to singlespec
2016-09-25 -
- Use upstream download url instead of pypi
- Install vim syntax plugin
- Finally correct dependencies
- Drop SLE conditions
2016-08-22 -
- Disable tests and its dependencies for SLE
2016-06-17 -
- Update testsuite dependencies and enable all tests
2016-04-28 -
- update to 0.7
* Added the -d/--debug flag that disables diffing of expected/actual output and
instead passes through script output to stdout/stderr.
* Added the --shell-opts flag for specifying flags to invoke the shell with. By
setting --shell-opts='-x' and --debug together, this can be used to see shell
commands as they're run and their output in real time which can be useful for
debugging slow or hanging tests.
* Added xUnit XML output support (for better integration of test results with Bamboo
and other continuous integration tools).
* Added support for using (esc) on expected out lines that aren't automatically
escaped in actual output.
* Added the $TESTSHELL environment variable. This allows a test to portably check
what shell it was invoked with.
* Added an error message for when no tests are found in a directory.
* Changed Makefile to install into /usr/local by default.
* Simplified the Makefile's targets. The targets available now are all, build,
check/test, clean, dist, install, and quicktest (for running the test suite
without checking test coverage).
* Fixed non-ASCII strings not being escaped with (esc) on Python 3.
* Fixed a crash on tests that don't have a trailing newline.
* Fixed a crash when using set -x with zsh.
2016-02-20 -
- Switch to python3
- Minor spec file cleanups
2015-09-18 -
- Initial package ready for submission to Fatory. Version 0.6

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