container-diff - Analyze and compare container images

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container-diff is a tool for analyzing and comparing container images.
container-diff can examine images along several different criteria, including:
- Docker Image History
- Image file system
- Apt packages
- RPM packages
- pip packages
- npm packages
These analyses can be performed on a single image, or a diff can be performed
on two images to compare.


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Install Howto

Install container-diff rpm package:

# zypper install container-diff




2018-10-31 - David Cassany <>
- Update container-diff to v0.13.1
* Fix docker library dependency overrides #269
* Update go-containerregistry to pick up docker API client negotiation #267
* Fix unintended variable shadowing #263
* Change the default analysis type from apt to size #266
2018-10-10 - David Cassany <>
- Update container-diff to v0.12.0
* Add script to list all pull requests for each release #258
* Fix deps #260
* Backfill changelog #257
* Add maintainers file and new issue template #259
* Add size analyzer #256
* Fix destination path for clone in contrib guidance. #255
* Add rpmlayer differ #252
* Handle error gracefully when we can't retrieve an image #251
* Layered analysis for single version packages #248
* Reuse cached filesystems for layers #247
2018-06-28 -
- Update container-diff to v0.11.0
* Don't overwrite loaded tarball image
* Use local RPM binary (when possible) in RPM differ
* Switch to
* Fix entrypoint in RPM differ
* Various metadata diffing fixes
* Remove Bazel
* Switch docker Requires to Recommends
* Update github project name in spec, now called GoogleContainerTools
2018-06-08 -
- Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner
- Install license
- Remove redundant comments
- Drop not needed requirement for fdupes
2018-04-11 -
- Build container-diff as PIC (via `-buildmode=pie`).
- Exclude ppc64le from tests.
2018-04-11 -
- Update container-diff to v0.9.0:
* Add metadata diffing
* Sanitize filepaths before joining to prevent filepath traversal
* Fix appending of latest tag to tar files
* Correctly clean up image filesystems
* Set/unset write bit when unpacking directories out of permission scope
* Add all docker config fields to image config
* Sort maps before diffing to prevent flaky results
* Correctly handle case where no image source is parsed
* Cleanup image source directory
2018-03-20 -
- Update container-diff to v0.8.0:
* Fixed issue where remote:// prefix was not being stripped correctly
* Allow updating env vars on MutableSource image
* Save temp layers in cache directory instead of /tmp
* Allow accessing and modifying MutableSource config
* Fixed appending latest tag to images with no tag provided
* Created default ImageSource if none is provided to prepper
2018-02-22 -
- Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner.
- Use golang-package macro to strip binaries.
- Update container-diff to v0.7.0:
* Download remote:// images in RPMAnalyzer
* Add support for custom formatting strings
* Refactors to the cache and image unpacking code
* Add Label to ConfigObject
* Add MutableSource for basic image modifications
2018-01-30 -
- Add container-diff v0.6.2: container-diff is a tool to analyze and diff
container images.

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