cmark-devel - Development files for cmark library

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This package provides the development files for cmark.


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Install Howto

Install cmark-devel rpm package:

# zypper install cmark-devel




2017-11-03 -
- update to 0.28.3
* -smart: open quote can never occur right after ] or )
* Include GNUInstallDirs in src/CMakeLists.txt
* Fix quadratic behavior in finalize
* Don't use CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR to create libcmark.pc
- drop cmark-install_libdir_is_abs.patch
2017-09-29 -
- Add cmark-install_libdir_is_abs.patch: CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR is an
absolute path (if -DLIBDIR=%{_libdir} is being passed.
2017-09-21 -
- update to 0.28.0
* Update spec.
* Use unsigned integer when shifting
* Avoid memcpy'ing NULL pointers
* DeMorgan simplification of some tests in emphasis parser.
* Fixed undefined shift in commonmark writer
* latex writer:  fix memory overflow
* Check for NULL pointer in get_link_type
* Move fuzzing dictionary into single file
* Reset bytes after UTF8 proc
* Don't scan past an EOL
* Document cases where `get_` functions return `NULL`
* Properly handle backslashes in link destinations
* Fixed `cmark_node_get_list_start` to return 0 for bullet lists,
as documented
* Use `CMARK_NO_DELIM` for bullet lists
* Fixed code for freeing delimiter stack
* Removed abort outside of conditional (typo).
* Removed coercion in error message when aborting from buffer.
* Print message to stderr when we abort due to memory demands
* `libcmark.pc`: use `CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR`
* Fixed buffer overflow error in `S_parser_feed`
* Update emphasis parsing for spec change.
* Fixes for the LaTeX renderer
+ Don't double-output the link in latex-rendering.
+ Prevent ligatures in dashes sensibly when rendering latex.
`\-` is a hyphenation, so it doesn't get displayed at all.
* Added a test for NULL when freeing `subj->last_delim`.
* Cleaned up setting of lower bounds for openers.
* Fix #178, quadratic parsing bug.  Add pathological test.
* Slight improvement of clarity of logic in emph matching.
* Fix "multiple of 3" determination in emph/strong parsing.
* Correctly initialize chunk in S_process_line
* Added 'make newbench'.
* `scanners.c` generated with re2c 0.16
* `` - fixed warnings; use `*` for fallback.
* Fixed some warnings in ``.
* Update CaseFolding to latest
* Allow balanced nested parens in link destinations
* Allocate enough bytes for backticks array.
* Inlines: Ensure that the delimiter stack is freed in subject.
* Fixed pathological cases with backtick code spans:
- Removed recursion in scan_to_closing_backticks
- Added an array of pointers to potential backtick closers
to subject
- This array is used to avoid traversing the subject again
when we've already seen all the potential backtick closers.
- Added a max bound of 1000 for backtick code span delimiters.
- Added pathological test case.
* Remove redundant cmake_minimum_required
* Make shared and static libraries optional
* Added support for built-in `${LIB_SUFFIX}` feature
* Add Makefile target and harness to fuzz with libFuzzer
* Advertise `--validate-utf8` in usage information
* Makefile: use warnings with re2c.
2016-11-20 -
- update to 0.27.1
* Set policy for CMP0063 to avoid a warning
* Use VERSION_GREATER to clean up cmake version test

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