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This package contains all necessary include files and libraries
needed to develop applications that require these.


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cinnamon-control-center-devel-3.8.2-1.2.i586.rpm 3.8.2 i586 openSUSE Oss
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cinnamon-control-center-devel = 3.8.2-1.2
cinnamon-control-center-devel(x86-64) = 3.8.2-1.2
pkgconfig(libcinnamon-control-center) = 3.8.2


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Binary Package cinnamon-control-center-devel-3.8.2-1.2.x86_64.rpm
Source Package cinnamon-control-center-3.8.2-1.2.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install cinnamon-control-center-devel rpm package:

# zypper install cinnamon-control-center-devel




2018-09-12 -
- Update to version 3.8.2:
* wacom: Update to support 3-button and 3D styli.
2018-07-20 -
- Update to version 3.8.1:
* cc-color-panel.c: Use cinnamon-desktop packagekit methods to
install gnome-color-manager.
* Remove a stray "]" in
- Remove the unneeded libnm-util build dependency.
- Restore the systemd-timedated1 polkit policy as bsc#1090371 has
been resolved.
2018-06-04 -
- Drop pkgconfig(libsocialweb-client) BuildRequires and
- -with-libsocialweb configure call, no longer needed nor is it
2018-05-26 -
- Remove the systemd-timedated1 polkit policy which automatically
forces a fallback to cinnamon-settings-daemon due to bsc#1090371
being unresolved (boo#1091701).
2018-04-19 -
- Update to version 3.8.0:
* datetime widget: Use systemd-timedated1 to set time and NTP if
available, otherwise fall back to csd's datetime service.
* datetime: Fix Makefile build ordering.
* Fix non modemmanager build.
* Colour: Remove help link.
* region panel: Add an option to show uncommon/exotic layouts in
the selection list.
* network: Update with backported bugfixes.
* Stop requiring NetworkManager.pc.
2017-11-21 -
- Update to version 3.6.5 (changes since 3.6.3):
* network: Avoid crashing if the NMDevice doesn't have a
* all: Simplify and fix i18n.
* online-accounts: Fix Gtk-warning.
* network: Enable loading of newer VPN plugins
* all: Remove obsolete files and setup gitignore.
2017-11-18 -
- Update to version 3.6.3:
* online-accounts: Tweak the layout just a bit.
2017-11-12 -
- Update to version 3.6.2:
* Fix GOA desktop file missing proper l10n.
* Generate desktop files.
2017-10-28 -
- Update to version 3.6.1 (changes since 3.4.0):
* Make AX_ macros optional.
* Display: Fix monitor labels not showing properly.
* Display: Remove obsolete code.
* Display: Clean up code and the label window.
* Port to libnm >= 1.2, obsoleting legacy nm-glib.
* Remove leftover variables in
* Wacom: Point Bluetooth settings to Blueberry.
* Wacom: Remove the border around the notebook widget.
* Remove obsolete datetime desktop file.
* Add support for online-accounts.
* Remove libgd.
* cc-online-accounts-panel.c: Fix assertion when setting the
transient parent for the account dialogue.  _constructed() is
too soon to have been added to our main settings window, so
just set it when the dialog is actually about to be used.
* Generate additional files.
* Update translations.
- Remove cinnamon-control-center-ax-optional.patch: merged
- Move timezone locales to the cinnamon-control-center-common
package for cinnamon-control-center-lang is being created by the
cinnamon-translations source package.
2017-05-04 -
- Update to version 3.4.0:
* Make colord, networkmanager/modemmanager optional.
* wacom: Do not bail out if the tablet doesn't have an eraser.
* wacom: Add an icon for stylii without an eraser.
* wacom: Allow button mapping if the stylus has one button too.
* wacom: Add margins to the UI.
* Fix Network module.
* display: Fix csd-xrandr D-Bus name.
* l10n: Generate additional files.
* Remove aclocal from

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