chewing-utils - Hash editor for libchewing

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This package contains a hash editor for chewing, an intelligent phonetic
input method library for tranditional Chinese.
It's used to add, modify and remove entries in the chewing user database
(usually located at ~/.chewing/uhash.dat).


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chewing-utils-0.5.1+git20171114.3df07c9-1.3.i586.rpm 0.5.1+git20171114.3df07c9 i586 openSUSE Oss
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chewing-utils = 0.5.1+git20171114.3df07c9-1.3
chewing-utils(x86-64) = 0.5.1+git20171114.3df07c9-1.3


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Binary Package chewing-utils-0.5.1+git20171114.3df07c9-1.3.x86_64.rpm
Source Package libchewing-0.5.1+git20171114.3df07c9-1.3.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install chewing-utils rpm package:

# zypper install chewing-utils




2017-11-24 -
- Update to version 0.4.0+git20171114.3df07c9:
* CMakeLists.txt: Add stress
* sort data/
* Add Carpalx keyboard layout support
* Fix warning in GCC
* Fix wrong CHEWING_DATADIR definition in CMake build
* Fix jk_selection
* an API to convert phone to bopomofo
* Test chewing_phone_to_bopomofo with invalid phone
* Implement has_userphrase with chewing_userphrase_lookup
* libchewing.texi: Fix format tweaks
* Adjust behavior of chewing_phone_to_bopomofo
* Fix array index out of bound error in stress.c
* Make stress.c less verbose
* Prefer https for web links
* stress.c: Don't force set data path
* Fix #235: Unable to input some Bopomofos with ET26 layout
* prevent memory leak in error case of GetDefaultUserPhrasePath
* stress: clean_userphrase before each test
* stress: clean up temp ~userphrase after test
* stress: fix -extra argument parsing
* refactoring key tables in chewing test
* simplify simulate.c
* testchewing: support read input from file
* stress: support read input from file
* Fix PinYinData keySeq buffer overflow in PinYinInput()
* Fix trying to allocate buffer of negative size
* Fix access violation due to negative cursor position
* stress.c: more verbose output
* Fix heap-buffer-overflow when read wordSeq
* Use strncmp to avoid buffer overflow
* tree: avoid undefined allocation of 0 bytes (CERT MEM04-C; CWE-131)
* pinyin: avoid null-pointer dereference
* chewingutil: fix dead assignment
* Revert "libchewing.texi: Add chewing_bopomofo_String"
* Fix memory leak in Discard2
* Fix memory leak in UserUpdatePhrase().
* code clean up, use new DestroyUserPhraseData()
* userphrase-hash: avoid double free in TerminateUserphrase
* test-userphrase: add test_userphrase_double_free
* hash: fix hash item offset calculating in uhash.dat
* hash: fix memory leak in HashFileOffsetWithUserPhrase
* hash: fix memory access alignment
* Fix ChoiceEndChoice expression always true
* hash: follow consistent coding style
* Update jvc-convert of KB layout Hsu
* Auto learn phrases only after committing
* Implement chewing_set_autoLearn() and chewing_get_autoLearn()
* Fix indent in test/stress.c
* Fix build with internal sqlite3
* Fix: chewing_handle_Space() cannot input space when buffer is empty
* hash: remove goto statement
* Remove API changes/compatibility report link
* hash: follow consistent coding style
2015-09-01 -
- move %install_info_delete to %preun
2015-08-24 -
- Update to version 0.4.0+git20150820.285b47d:
+ fix resource leak
+ Add notification_email
+ Update build_command_prepend
+ Do not write last element of phone_array
+ Prevent fclose null file handler
+ Check return value for ftell
+ Check return value of UserGetPhraseFirst before use
+ testhelper.c: clean_userphase() ignore ENOENT
+ init_database.c: Fix strtoul error checking
+ init_database: make integer comparison 64-bit safe
+ Fix Coverity error "Buffer not null terminated"
+ Fix Coverity error "Copy into fixed size buffer"
+ Fix Coverity error "Explicit null dereferenced"
+ init_database.c: Resolve queue-full exception
+ gen_keystroke.c: Use static APIs
+ genkeystroke.c: Fix buffer usage
+ Disable selection keys out of the reasonable range
+ dump_database: utilize plat_mmap for file operations
+ Fix ChewingKillChar which is disabling OpenSymbolChoice
+ Use chewing_delete to delete ChewingContext
+ Detect attribute existence by hasattr, not __dict__
2014-06-09 -
- update version 0.4.0
* see
- add patch: libchewing-0.4.0-simple-select-rpath.patch
- add patch: chewing-utils-abuild.patch

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