check-create-certificate - A non-interactive script that creates an SSL certificate if it does not exist

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Package filename check-create-certificate-0.5-18.7.noarch.rpm
Package name check-create-certificate
Package version 0.5
Package release 18.7
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Category Productivity/Networking/System
License GPL-2.0
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A script that checks for the existance of an SSL certificate or creates a new self signed one.
It runs non-interactively and uses either predefined values or automatically guesses the best values.
J. Daniel Schmidt <>


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check-create-certificate - - -


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check-create-certificate = 0.5-18.7


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Binary Package check-create-certificate-0.5-18.7.noarch.rpm
Source Package check-create-certificate-0.5-18.7.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install check-create-certificate rpm package:

# zypper install check-create-certificate




2014-04-09 -
- updated to official GPL-2.0 text
- updated spec file
2013-03-28 -
- Adapted the License according to the spdx standard
- Cleaned the spec file up
2010-04-29 -
- be less verbose by default, add verbose mode (bnc#600829)
- use secure umask to prevent race conditions
- 0.5
2010-03-30 -
- fix hostname identification (bnc#592217)
- 0.4
2010-02-10 -
- adding license file and license header (bnc#578209)
- 0.3
2010-02-08 -
- fix script name in header comment
- 0.2
2010-02-04 -
- initial checkin of version 0.1 into git repository

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