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CGDB is a curses (terminal-based) interface to the GNU Debugger (GDB). Its goal
is to be lightweight and responsive; not encumbered with unnecessary features.
The primary feature of CGDB is the constant presence of a source display,
updated as the program executes, to help keep you focused while debugging. The
interface is inspired by the classic Unix text editor, vi. Those familiar with
vi (or vim) should feel right at home using CGDB.


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Install Howto

Install cgdb rpm package:

# zypper install cgdb




2018-01-11 -
- Update to 0.7.0
* Support for curses was removed (only ncurses is supported)
* Remove help2man dependency
* hlsearch option added (off by default). Improves searching
and displaying of searching functionality within CGDB. If
enabled, and previous search exists, CGDB will display search
results using the Search highlighting group. The IncSearch
highlighting group is used to display the active search. The
hlsearch option highlights previous searches in the source
window, the gdb window when in scroll mode and the file dialog
* Assembly code support.  Assembly code will be shown when no
source code is available. The option 'set disasm' allows you
to show mixed source/assembly when both are available.
* Add support to enable/disable showing assembly code in CGDB.
Disabled by default. The 'set disasm' enables showing mixed
assembly mode by default. See the documentation for more
* Add the :logo command to cgdb. This tells CGDB to display a
logo in the source window.
* Initial Rust syntax highlighter.
* Support vi type <digit>j and <digit>k motions. Previously only
typing j or k with out a number was supported.
* Support for vim like marks. Showmarks option was introduced
to show the marks in the source window. Default is true.
You can disable the viewing of marks using 'set noshowmarks'.
* Color support. Default is enabled.
* Ansi escape codes representing color will show correctly.
Configurable with the `set debugwincolor` option.
* Add the winminwidth option- it controls the minimum width that
a window can be resized.
* Support for vertical or horizontal splitting of the CGDB/GDB
windows. You can change the window orientation by using the
command 'set winsplitorientation=horizontal or vertical'.
horizontal is the default orientation. Type Ctrl-w to switch
between vertical and horizontal viewing.
* Remove the TTY mode and TTY window. It is now recommended to
attach to your program from a separate terminal.
* -w command line option. CGDB will wait to start until either
a debugger is attached to it, or until a key is written to it's
stdin. Useful for debugging CGDB itself.
* Added scroll mode in addition to the existing GDB command mode.
To enter scroll mode, type 'page up' when in GDB mode and to
exit type 'q', 'i' or 'Enter'. In scroll mode, you can scroll
through the GDB output. You can also search the GDB output with
the /, ?, n and N keys. Vim marks are also supported.
* Extended support for the vim G command when in CGDB mode.
[<number>]G works as it does in vim now.
* Support for 'executinglinedisplay' and 'selectedlinedisplay'
configuration options. It allows you to configure how CGDB
displays both the currently executing line and the currently
selected line. Default for executing line is set to
longarrow. Default for selected line is set to block. The
'arrowstyle' option has been deprecated (but still supported).
Use 'executinglinedisplay' instead.
- Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner
2015-04-02 -
- Update project and download url
- Update dependencies
- Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner
- Update to 0.6.8
* Fix issue #40, the map commands were adding additional new lines
to the mappings. For instance, 'imap a b' in the ~/.cgdb/cgdbrc
file would cause a to map to 'b<cr>' instead of just 'b'.
* Added feature from issue #29, added 'until' command to CGDB.
* Updated autotools configuration files to satisfy warnings and
recommendations produced by autotools when run.
* Fix issue #49, a gcc compiler warning.
* Fixed a hang consuming 100% CPU usage on OS X Mavericks (github #48).
* Fixed a hang when quitting cgdb while inferior is running
(github #1 and #5 and #46). This was believed to be fixed in the last
release but I've finally reproduced the issue and fixed it for good.

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