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This package contains documentation for the cfitsio library.


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Install cfitsio-devel-doc rpm package:

# zypper install cfitsio-devel-doc




2018-12-01 - Asterios Dramis <>
- Update to version 3.450:
* New support for reading and writing unsigned long long
datatypes. This includes 'implicit datatype conversion' between
the unsigned long long datatype and all the other datatypes.
* Increased the hardcoded NMAXFILES setting for maximum number of
open files from 1000 to 10000.
* Bug fix to fits_calc_binning wrapper function, which wasn't
filling in the returned float variables.
* Fixed a parsing bug for image subsection and column binning
range specifiers that was introduced in v3.44.
2018-04-16 -
- Update to version 3.440:
* This release primarily patches security vulnerabilities.  We
strongly encourage this upgrade, particularly for those running
CFITSIO in web accessible applications.
* Enhancement to 'template' and 'colfilter' functionality.  It is
now possible to delete multiple keywords using wildcard syntax.
See "Column and Keyword Filtering Specification" section of
manual for details.
* histo.c uses double precision internally for all floating point
binning; new double-precision subroutines fits_calc_binningd(),
fits_rebin_wcsd(), and fits_make_histd(); existing
single-precision histogram functions still work but convert
values to double-precision internally.
* new subroutine fits_copy_cols() / ffccls() to copy multiple
* Fix in imcompress.c for HCOMPRESS and PLIO compression of
unsigned short integers.
* Fix to fits_insert_card(ffikey).  It had wrongly been
capitalizing letters that appeared before an '=' sign on a
- Rebased cfitsio-zlib.patch to apply cleanly.
2018-04-11 -
- Update to version 3.430:
* Fixed security vulnerabilities (bsc#1088590, CVE-2018-1000166).
* Calls to https driver functions in cfileio.c need to be macro-
protected by the HAVE_NET_SERVICES variable (as are the http
and ftp driver function calls).  Otherwise CMake builds on
native Windows will fail since drvrnet.o is left empty.
* Bug fix to ffmvec function.  Should be resetting a local colptr
variable after making a call to ffiblk (which can reallocate
* Ignore any attempted request to not quantize an image before
compressing it if the image has integer datatype pixels.
* Improved error message construction throughout CFITSIO.
- Package licence file as license, not doc (boo#1082318).

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