cf-cli - Cloud Foundry command line client

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This is the official command line client for Cloud Foundry.


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Install Howto

Install cf-cli rpm package:

# zypper install cf-cli




2019-02-21 -
- update to version 6.43.0
[#]## Enhancements
- `cf curl` supports a new `--fail` flag (primarily for scripting purposes) which returns exit code `22` for server errors [story](
- Improves `cf delete-orphaned-routes` such that it uses a different endpoint, reducing the chance of a race condition when two users are simultaneously deleting orphaned routes and associating routes with applications [story](
- we've improved the speed of cf services - it now hits a single endpoint instead of making individual API calls
[#]## Bug Fixes
[#]### Security
- Fixes issue with running cf login in verbose mode whereby passwords which contains regex were not completely redacted
- Fixes issue whilst running commands in verbose mode refresh tokens were not completely redacted
[#]## Other Bug Fixes
- Updates help text for cf curlstory
- Now refresh tokens work properly whilst using cf curl with V3 CC API endpoints story
- Fixes performance degradation for cf services story
- cf delete-service requires that you are targeting a space story
- cf enable-service access for a service in an org will succeed if you have already enabled access for that service in that org story
2019-01-17 -
- update to version 6.42.0
[#]## Minor Enhancements
- updated `cf restage` help text and the first line in the command's output to indicate that using this command will cause app downtime [story](
- updated the `cf bind-route-service` help text to clarify usage instructions [story](
- improved an error message for `cf create-service-boker` to be more helpful when the CC API returns a `502` due to an invalid service broker catalog
- upgraded to Golang 1.11.4 [story](
- added a short name `ue` for `cf unset-env` [story](
- updated `cf marketplace` command to include a new `broker` column to prepare for a upcoming services-related feature which will allow services to have the same name as long as they are associated with different service brokers [story](
[#]## Bugs
- fix for `cf enable-service-access -p plan` whereby when we refactored the code in CLI `v6.41.0` it created service plan visibilities as part of a subsequent run of the command (the unrefactored code skipped creating the service plan visibilities); now the command will skip creating service plan visibilities as it did prior to the refactor [story](
- updated the `cf rename-buildpack` help text which was missing reference to the `-s` stack flag [story](
- updated help text for when users use `brew search cloudfoundry-cli` [story](
- now when you run `cf service service-instance` for a route service, the route service url appears in the key value table [story](
2018-12-03 -
- update to version 6.41.0
[#]## Enhancements
- updated `cf --help` to include the `delete` command [story](
2018-11-13 -
- Require specific version for self-test; disable debug packages in test to prevent error about missing files

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