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Package name catfish-lang
Package version 1.4.7
Package release 1.1
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License GPL-2.0-or-later
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Provides translations for the "catfish" package.


Package Version Architecture Repository
catfish-lang-1.4.7-2.2.noarch.rpm 1.4.7 noarch Xfce
catfish-lang - - -


Name Value
catfish = 1.4.7


Name Value
catfish-lang = 1.4.7-1.1
catfish-lang-all = 1.4.7


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Binary Package catfish-lang-1.4.7-1.1.noarch.rpm
Source Package catfish-1.4.7-1.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install catfish-lang rpm package:

# zypper install catfish-lang




2019-01-31 - Maurizio Galli <>
- dropped failing and obsolete --record-rpm build flag (boo#1123781)
2019-01-27 - Maurizio Galli <>
- Update to 1.4.7
* General:
- Cleaner, easier to read manpage contents
- Added information about the --path flag to help and the manpage
- Updated AppStream requirements to align with the latest spec
- Replaced project URLs with HTTPS where possible
* Desktop Integration:
- The window layout now respects the current desktop (bxo#14486)
- headerbar layout is used for Budgie, GNOME, and Pantheon
- All other desktops use the traditional titlebar layout
- This option can be overridden using the use-headerbar option in the
Catfish configuration file (~/.config/catfish/catfish.rc)
- Files can now be dragged into other applications (bxo#14492)
- For file managers, the files will usually be copied to that
- For other applications, the files will be opened by the application
* Performance:
- Thumbnails will now only be generated when the thumbnail view is
active (bxo#14689)
- Added /dev to list of standard excluded directories
- Files within /dev can still be searched if explicitly selected by
the user
* Bug Fixes:
- Quoted search strings now allow for searching for specific phrases,
instead of searching for actual quote characters (bxo#14501)
- The file context menu can now be opened multiple times (bxo#14621)
- Fix crash as startup with multi-file selection (lp#1753163)
* Translation Updates
2019-01-19 - Maurizio Galli <>
- Update to 1.4.6
* Upgraded thumbnailer, based on the FD.o Thumbnail Spec:
- Improved error handling
- Proper permissions for thumbnail directories and files
- Logging of failed thumbnail generation
- Saving of thumbnail file attributes
- Support for relative thumbnail directories
* The minimum GTK+ version has been bumped to 3.16.
* Added inode/directory mimetype to desktop entry (bxo#14505)
* Disabled overlay scrollbars to improve interacting with the results
list (bxo#14487)
* Enabled launching of executable AppImage files (bxo#14500)
* Fixed invalid date in appdata (bxo#14502)
* Replaced stock icons with standard Mime Type icons (bxo#14503)
* Improved handling of exceptions when parsing settings (bxo#14491)
* Improved handling of UnicodeDecodeErrors (bxo#14490)
* Improved handling of PermissionErrors (bxo#14488)
* Improved support for hidden files (bxo#14497)
* Remember window size and position between sessions (bxo#14504)
* Xfce: Open directories with the preferred file manager (bxo#14483)
* Translation Updates
- dropped outdated macros
- added missing dep python3-gobject-Gdk required
2018-04-27 -
- Drop Requires: gnome-icon-theme; all necessary icons are already
provided by adwaita-icon-theme, a hard requirement for gtk3.
- Only run post(un) scripts on openSUSE < 1500; for later versions
rpm file triggers take care of updating the icon cache already.
2018-04-14 -
- Update to 1.4.5:
* Translation Updates:
- Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Lithuanian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
- Spec file cleanup
2018-01-30 -
- Update to 1.4.4:
* Installer cleanup
* Updated appdata requirements
* Add Keywords to desktop file (lintian), extend Categories
with GTK (desktop-file-validate)
* Catfish 1.4.3:
* pycodestyle improvements
* Improve search speed by discarding .cache and .gvfs when
possible, add --basename to locate query
* Stop all search methods when engine is stopped, improve error
handling with thumbnails
- Update the sourceurl
- Use appdata instead of metainfo
- Fix: non-executable-script
2017-06-13 -
- Cure grammar problems in description.
2016-04-10 -
- update to version 1.4.2
2015-10-09 -
- update to version 1.3.3
2014-10-05 -
- update to version 1.2.2

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