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Development libraries and headers needed to build software using c-toxcore.


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Binary Package c-toxcore-devel-0.2.9-1.3.i586.rpm
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Install c-toxcore-devel rpm package:

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2019-01-13 - Andrey Karepin <egdfree@opensuse.org>
- update to 0.2.9
* #1296 Add some const qualifiers
* #1295 Implement all min/max functions for (un)signed int types.
* #1293 Fix misaligned 4-byte access in trace logging.
* #1291 Use correct path to test log to cat on error.
* #1290 Display build log for autotools build on failure.
* #1289 Enable auto tests under STRICT_ABI if static libs are available.
* #1288 Add MIN_LOGGER_LEVEL to the Circle CI builds.
* #1287 Avoid sending group messages to a peer before we have its group number
* #1284 Use new WineHQ Debian package repository key
* #1282 Merge irungentoo/master back into toktok/master.
* #1281 Allow unauthenticated wine packages in the Windows build.
* #1278 Add cmake option for building additional tests
* #1277 Define tox_conference_id_size and tox_conference_uid_size
* #1273 Avoid format truncation in save compatibility test
* #1272 Upgrade bazel to 0.19.0 to fix the bazel build.
* #1271 Return TOX_ERR_CONFERENCE_SEND_MESSAGE_NO_CONNECTION if we are not connected to any peers
* #1268 Fix indices calculation for congestion control.
* #1267 Improve handling of peers entering and leaving conferences
* #1266 Expose offline conference peers in API
* #1242 Fix critical stack overflow arising from VLA usage
* #1239 Add some hopefully helpful documentation to the functions in mono_time.h
* #1235 Change method of PK production for FAKE friend in DHT
* #1234 Increase NOFILE limit for tox-bootstrapd
* #1231 Use bool for IPv6 flag in test programs and DHT_bootstrap.
* #1230 Add LOGGER_ASSERT for checking fatal error conditions.
* #1229 Include CTest in CMakeLists.txt to get valgrind support.
* #1228 Consistently use camel case enum names.
* #1223 Add AUTOTEST option to CMakeLists.txt
* #1221 Make tox-bootstrapd free memory on SIGINT and SIGTERM
* #1218 Support DragonFlyBSD and prune unused variables.
* #1215 Ensure save data unchanged after save and load
* #1213 Make saving and loading the responsibility of Tox rather than Messenger
* #1211 Some improvements to tox-bootstrapd's Dockerfile
* #1210 Remove Alpine Linux bootstrap daemon dockerfile.
* #1209 Improve Windows compatibility of toxav code.
* #1206 Add LAN_discovery to the list of apidsl-generated files.
* #1156 conferences saving
* #1285 Persistent group titles get mixed up
* #1276 How to run test case?
* #1264 tox_conference_id_size() symbol missing
* #1262 Fails to build with STRICT_ABI option
* #1169 PK should not be generated with random_bytes
* #1143 Test #1081
* #956 friendlist access (add, delete, ...) causes crashes sometimes
* #777 Proposal: TFCL [Tox Friend Capabilities Level]
* #762 packet ranges not very clearly explained
* #743 Proposal: reduce Video corruption even more by negotating the reference frame between sender and receiver
* #735 Proposal: Tox MessageV2
* #663 libvpx vulnerability
* #626 please add documentation to: bwcontroller.c
* #625 function names misleading in ToxAV
* #617 WIP: ToxIdenticon - howto
* #609 payload_type hardcoded
* #589 running a normal tox node as tcp relay is not possible
* #584 [INFO]: network graphs 0.1.9 vs 0.1.10
* #548 toxcore removes message receipts and filetransfers from memory, when client has short network outage
* #375 Invalid bit rate prevents call

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