build - A Script to Build SUSE Linux RPMs

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Package release 1.1
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This package provides a script for building RPMs for SUSE Linux in a
chroot environment.


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build - - -


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/bin/bash -
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/usr/bin/python -
bash -
binutils -
build-mkbaselibs -
perl -
psmisc -
tar -


Name Value
build = 20190123-1.1
config(build) = 20190123-1.1
perl(Build) -
perl(Build::Appimage) -
perl(Build::Arch) -
perl(Build::Archrepo) -
perl(Build::Collax) -
perl(Build::Deb) -
perl(Build::Debrepo) -
perl(Build::Docker) -
perl(Build::Features) -
perl(Build::Fissile) -
perl(Build::Kiwi) -
perl(Build::LiveBuild) -
perl(Build::Mdkrepo) -
perl(Build::Repo) -
perl(Build::Rpm) -
perl(Build::Rpmmd) -
perl(Build::SimpleJSON) -
perl(Build::SimpleXML) -
perl(Build::Snapcraft) -
perl(Build::Susetags) -
perl(Build::Zypp) -


Name Value
bsdtar < 2.5.5


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Binary Package build-20190123-1.1.noarch.rpm
Source Package build-20190123-1.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install build rpm package:

# zypper install build




2019-01-23 - Adrian Schröter <>
- add initial SLE 15 SP1 config (bsc#1122895)
2019-01-21 - Adrian Schröter <>
- update factory config for libreadline8 switch
- cleanup 15.1 config with OBS specific stuff
* should not be used for plain build usage
* workarounds for kiwi should be fixed in packages
2018-12-06 - Adrian Schröter <>
- support jumping into KVM debug shells using "--vm-type=kvm --shell"
- adapt to new containerd CLI syntax
- Support a new 'UseOBSRepositories' flag
- lxc 3 support
- power9 fixes
- Generate a .milestone artifact for kiwi product builds
- Support rpm's new '^' separator in version comparison
- Allow to specify extra image repos with <!-- OBS-Imagerepo: -->
- Rework release handling of containers
2018-11-26 - Max Lin <>
- Add Leap 15.1 config
2018-10-22 - Adrian Schröter <>
- require psmisc util for fuser
- Start debian support for kiwi images/containers
- Support building with unordered repositories for kiwi/docker builds
- Write the package list of the base container in kiwi container builds
- Support kiwi's "additionaltags" attribute (added in kiwi 9.15.3)
- Add some substitutes for the extra container tags
- Support "OBS-AddTag" directive to set multiple container tags in kiwi builds
- Archlinux updates
- SLE 12 SP4 config
- Appimage: support source file parsing
2018-08-29 - Adrian Schröter <>
- Fall back to $mailaddr if $VC_MAILADDR is unset/null
- don't crash with no rpm macros defined
- Kiwi: support parsing of repos where the .repo file got used
- package hostarch definition in preinstallimages
- avoid double creation of monitor fifo
- Debian:
- debootstrap: ensure /etc/hosts exists
- debootstrap: Add abuild shadow password entry
- livebuild: publish source tarball
- Adds Debian configurations for jessie and unstable
- collect *.ddeb, *.udeb files
2018-08-16 -
- docker format: New podman/buildah build engine support
- Support for full names in changes files
- Set %url macro when seeing an Url:
- pacman CLI updates
- enable core dump generation in VM builds
- Disable kpti on guest kernel for performance and correctness
- support for e2fsprogs 1.43.1 with old kernels
2018-06-29 -
- docker:
* use a correct prefixed label for disturl
* Support building multiple image types containing a docker image
* Set build user to root for docker/fissile builds
* Compress containers so that old kiwi versions can handle them
* Put obs-docker-support uninstall before the last user line
* Also pass arch and buildflavor when creating the containerinfo
* set disturl as container LABEL
* Uncompress kiwi generated containers
* build-vm-docker: type=bind instead of type=volume in --mount option
- computeblocklists/extractbuild:
* Tweak verbose logging of directories in computeblocklists/extractbuild
* add support for FIEMAP ioctl
* don't use bare F for file
* document and use alternate ioctl numbers
* more tweaks and sanity checks
* Fallback to encode/decode helpers if perl does not support 'Q' in pack/unpack
* Use 'eval' when querying the blocklist
- Misc:
* fix escaping in regexp
* log toplevel KIWI directories in verbose mode
* Split kiwi product parser in a separate function
* Always add extra dependencies when doing sysdeps expansion
* Fix REPOTYPE setting if the PKGCONFIG file is generated by a service
* support zypper's handling of versioned deps
* pam-modules got dropped on sles 15
* testing for build specific filesystem, which are more important then worker defaults
* mark lint option as obsolete
* Make sure that we know all pre/vminstalls
2018-04-03 -
- KIWI: Support OBS-Profiles kiwi annotation
kiwi profile filtering
- Switch to a little perl http server to get rid of the python2 dependency
- Avoid Ubuntu 18.04 uncompress failure messages
- Don't rely on AppImage's auto-detection for architecture
- build-recipe-livebuild: count ONIE images as build results

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