booth-test - Test scripts for Booth

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License GPL-2.0+
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This package contains automated tests for Booth,
the Cluster Ticket Manager for Pacemaker.


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booth-test-1.0-13.5.x86_64.rpm 1.0 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
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/bin/bash -
/usr/bin/python -
booth -
python -


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booth-test = 1.0-13.5
booth-test(x86-32) = 1.0-13.5


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Binary Package booth-test-1.0-13.5.i586.rpm
Source Package booth-1.0-13.5.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install booth-test rpm package:

# zypper install booth-test




2018-04-30 -
- Doc: fix the documentation build with asciidoctor (bsc#1075764):
* fix_asciidoc_build.patch
- Service: restart arbitrator on failure
- Upstream version cs: c2389e3020e8a3780b679cf0c9857bd608e99fa1
2018-02-22 -
- Build: replace SuSEFirewall2 by firewalld (fate#320794) in booth.spec
- Upstream version cs: 80199f9477fb4fbf8809f31986139efe3f4ef790
2017-12-01 -
- Tickets: added manual tickets, which allow handling 2-site setup
- Debug mode: fixed the interaction with resource agents (bsc#1046790)
- Patch file bug-1045067_booth-fix-booth-grant-cmd.patch has been removed
after the code being merged to upstream:
* Clinet commands: fixed local IP addresses for booth grant, list,
and peers commands (bsc#1045067)
- Upstream version cs: d4cb8cbdaf87e46f636c3d06730b902b79bdcb9c
2017-06-22 -
- Clinet commands: fixed local IP addresses for booth grant, list, and peers
commands (bsc#1045067)
* bug-1045067_booth-fix-booth-grant-cmd.patch
- Patch bug-1039727_booth-build.patch merged to upstream:
* Build: create and set working directory (bsc#1039727)
- Upstream version cs: 766d61881b2cb576645821322edda0edea04828d
2017-06-02 -
- Build: create and set working directory (bsc#1039727)
* bug-1039727_booth-build.patch
- Configuration: handle hostnames in booth.conf file (bsc#1037422)
- Upstream version cs: bbddf969550969784b76b743baecdcf72796bdf7
2017-02-15 -
- spec: fix booth-test containing undesired build sources
- make log contain source address of unknown site
- main: initialize Libcrypt properly before the first use (bsc#1025463)
- extprog: fix race condition on ticket loss (bsc#1025463)
- attr: fix wrong order for hash free functions (bsc#1025463)
- attr: set time string to "" when time is not set
- extprog: fix pid test
- ticket: reset next state on ticket reset
- alternative logger (in service-runnable script)
- allow skipping "coredump nursing" phase
- alternative "nametag" provider: libsystemd
- alternative range2random provider: glib
- alternative logging provider: libqb
- offer alternatives to libraries from (cluster-)glue
- setup_tcp_listener: close socket when no longer needed
- read_client: sizeof(*struct_ptr) instead of sizeof(struct_ptr) (bsc#1025463)
- get_local_id: denoopize dependent condition (signedness issue) (bsc#1025463)
- list_ticket: fix a memleak in case of buffer too small (bsc#1025463)
- do_status: close lock file when no longer needed
- format_peers: fix a memleak in case of buffer too small (bsc#1025463)
- read_config: close config file when no longer needed
- make foreach_* macros use variable refs passed as arguments (bsc#1025463)
- prevent possible truncation w/ invalid geoattrs in CIB (bsc#1025463)
- build: add proper zlib build-time check + link flag + spec's BR
- build: allow requesting no HTML man + use in spec
- fixup: sanitize true-false logic for "daemonize"
- Upstream version cs: b270a78130f40e648844671b3652919d86e1aef4
2016-07-13 -
- spec: Set the owner of /etc/booth and booth.conf.example to hacluster:haclient (bsc#968865)
2016-06-30 -
- Reduce conditionals to only keep the default values
- Run systemd macros in proper phases
- Convert to pkgconfig dependencies
2016-04-08 -
- Update to version v1.0_14_g4d35ac7:
+ main: fix address matching procedure (bsc#994999)
2016-03-23 -
- Update to version v1.0_6_g106efdf:
+ Feature: extprog: add capability to run a set of programs
+ Medium: extprog: external tests timeout after renewal interval

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