boinc-client-lang - Translations for package boinc-client

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Package name boinc-client-lang
Package version 7.14.2
Package release 1.2
Package architecture noarch
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Category System/Localization
License GPL-3.0-or-later OR LGPL-3.0-or-later
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Provides translations for the "boinc-client" package.


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boinc-client-lang - - -


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boinc-client = 7.14.2


Name Value
boinc-client-lang = 7.14.2-1.2
boinc-client-lang-all = 7.14.2


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Binary Package boinc-client-lang-7.14.2-1.2.noarch.rpm
Source Package boinc-client-7.14.2-1.2.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install boinc-client-lang rpm package:

# zypper install boinc-client-lang




2018-12-15 -
- Update to version 7.14.2.
* Fix GPU detection when run with --detach_console or using $PATH
* Update NVIDIA GPU detection for recent models
* Change simple prefs dialog behavior to match advanced
* If using a dynamic account manager, show AM user name in
Manager rather than randomly-generated project account names
* Move new-version URLs from cc_config.xml to nvc_config.xml
(so that WCG can customize)
2018-08-06 -
- Remove unnecessary ldconfig from devel subpackage
2018-07-24 -
- Update to version 7.12.1.
- Remove doc package, since the files have been removed from the
source. Actually it wasn't even the documentation, but the
server code.
- Disable idle detection via the XSS API and remove dependency to
libXScrnSaver-devel. This feature requires access to a running
X server, which the BOINC client does not have in OpenSUSE.
- Rename the devel package and provide the correct dependency.
The devel package provides the headers for libboinc, and has
nothing to do with the BOINC client.
- Add conflict to original devel package.
- Remove unnecessary dependency to libxslt.
- Update systemd service file with changes from upstream: start
after, and use "ProtectHome=true".
- Move bash completion file to /usr/share tree to fix rpmlint.
- Declare license files as %license.
- Don't install `notes` and `todo` - these are internal notes of
the developers and not helpful to users.
- Drop 0001-MGR-support-wxWidgets-without-webview.patch, which has
landed upstream (commit 27bb3c9e).
- libboinc-shared.patch: Build shared libraries for client and
static libraries for science apps. Science apps are distributed
as binaries over the BOINC network, so dynamic linking doesn't
make sense. But we can use dynamic linking for the client.
- build-client-scripts.patch: Add some targets to fix build.
- Fix default path for boincscr.
2018-07-11 -
- Update to 7.8.6
* can't find any useful ChangeLog :(
2017-11-23 -
- Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
%_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
2017-10-26 -
- Update to version 7.8.3. (aaronpuchert)
- Removed the deprecated "Encoding" line from the .desktop file.
- Updated the cleanup code:
* Permissions seem to be correct now.
* Line endings seem to be correct.
* Applied the UTF-8 conversion to the 2011 notes as well.
- Removed the entire coprocs/NVIDIA directory, since all files in
there have a doubtful license.
- Removed components that are not required for a Linux build.
2017-09-10 -
- update to 7.8.2
* no changelog available
- add {minor_version}
- rm wrong sim_web link
- fix files for SLES 11
- remove obsolete patch
* 0001-Fix-1530-null-pointer-dereference.patch
2017-09-08 -
- Add 0001-MGR-support-wxWidgets-without-webview.patch
2017-09-02 -
- Remove unnecessary %if..%endif markers that do not affect the
rpmbuild output files.
- Move patch metadata into patch so it stays with the patch.
Add more authorship info.
- Add xlocale.patch to fix build error with glibc-2.26.
- Refresh boinc-guirpcauth.patch, boinc-docbook2x.patch,
0001-Fix-1530-null-pointer-dereference.patch to quilt's default
p1 level.
2017-03-27 -
- fix deps
* add missing ca-certificates-mozilla
needed in minimal install, e.g. JeOS images,
without - boinc-client will fail to load config from

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