bladeRF-udev - Udev rules for bladeRF

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Package filename bladeRF-udev-1.4.0-6.2.i586.rpm
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Package version 1.4.0
Package release 6.2
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Udev rules for bladeRF


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bladeRF-udev-1.4.0-6.2.x86_64.rpm 1.4.0 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
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bladeRF-udev = 1.4.0-6.2
bladeRF-udev(x86-32) = 1.4.0-6.2


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Binary Package bladeRF-udev-1.4.0-6.2.i586.rpm
Source Package bladeRF-1.4.0-6.2.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install bladeRF-udev rpm package:

# zypper install bladeRF-udev




2018-09-07 - Martin Pluskal <>
- Clarify license status
2018-09-05 -
- Update to version 2018.08
* Added support for Automatic Gain Control
* Added bladeRF.conf config option file
* Refactor to support for multiple product lines
* Add support for the bladeRF Micro product
* API: replace bladerf_module with bladerf_channel, a reverse-compatible
* change to handle products with multiple independent RF paths in the same
* direction
* API: BREAKING CHANGE - on bladerf_set_frequency, et al, the frequency
* parameter is now uint64_t instead of unsigned int
* Add typedefs for common param types, e.g. bladerf_frequency -> uint64_t
* Added support for Automatic Gain Control
* No longer initializes the bladeRF before loading a new FPGA image, to
* avoid potential catch-22 problems
* bladeRF 2.0 Micro support
* Support for MIMO RX and TX using "channel=" parameter on rx/tx config
* Various code quality fixups
- Remove patches: (fixed upstream)
* bladeRF-add-cflag-Wno-format-truncation.patch
* bladeRF-cmake_syntax.patch
2017-09-05 -
- Fix cmake syntax error:
* bladeRF-cmake_syntax.patch
2017-06-01 -
- Add patch:
* bladeRF-add-cflag-Wno-format-truncation.patch (boo#1041192)
2017-04-26 -
- build with support for libtecla
2017-04-23 -
- Update group handling
2017-04-20 -
- Update group handling
2017-04-15 -
- Workaround for generating manpages/documentation on
systems emulated via qemu (arm, ppc,...) not longer needed
2017-04-15 -
- Adjust Source-URL
- Use proper cmake options
- Use group bladerf in the udev-rules
2017-03-30 -
- fixed libbladeRF version to 1.7.2

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