bamf-doc - Documentation for libbamf and libbamf3

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This package contains the documentation for the bamf library.


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Install Howto

Install bamf-doc rpm package:

# zypper install bamf-doc




2016-11-15 -
- Update to version 0.5.3 (changes since 0.5.1):
* BamfView: Reload the view children everytime it changes dbus
path. Without doing it we could have children-less views in
case we have just re-matched a view with a different dbus path
(this happens in general for desktop-less applications), because
the proxy won't be fast enough to catch the signal to update
the inner children list (lp#1238064).
* BamfXutils: Trap the X errors when doing async X calls
* bamf-legacy-window-test.c: Don't use 'return' with a value, in
function returning void.
* Fix return value of try_create_local_desktop_data (lp#1280110).
* BamfLegacyScreen: When in Unity monitor for compiz
ClientMessage's to show action menu If we get a
_COMPIZ_TOOLKIT_ACTION client message with the internal value
_COMPIZ_TOOLKIT_ACTION_WINDOW_MENU, then we are requested by
compiz to show the window action menu, and thus let's ask the
proper BamfLegacyWindow to do that, thanks to libwnck
* Remove old webapp related code since now we don't use browser
tab matching anymore (lp#1289498).
* Rip out vestigial webapps code (lp#1280337, lp#1280337).
* BamfMatcher: Fix prefix regex for pythonX support (used for
converting /usr/bin/python[stuff] foo into foo) to work with
pythonX as well as python and pythonX.Y.
* BamfLegacyScreen: Do not show the actions menu for desktop type
window (lp#1342609).
* Replace gtk_icon_theme_has_icon with gtk_icon_theme_lookup_icon
* Matcher: Honour the _GTK_APPLICATION_ID xprop.
* BamfMatcher: Rename set our atom to _BAMF_DESKTOP_FILE.
* Matcher: Use desktop file path when matching on
* BamfMatcher: Update special g-c-c code to unity-control-center
* libBAMF: Cache active{window,application} and be smarter in
reusing known resources.
* BamfDaemon: Add upstart session support.
* BamfMatcher: Don't assign no-display desktop files to windows
by default when launched (lp#1519376).
* Use startup notifications to set a "starting" property
* BamfMatcher: Avoid to register applications with invalid (empty
or not existing) destkop files (lp#1560490).
* BamfApplication: Bind window-{added,removed} signals to
child-{added,removed} ones.
* BamfWindow: Export window actions menu using dbusmenu
* BamfApplication: Correctly set a main child when handling
* bamfdaemon-dbus-runner: Don't try to start again if already
running (lp#1581896, lp#1532226).
* BamfMatcher: Allow overriding desktop with the environment var
* Daemon: Manually set to complete the startup notification on
view state change (lp#1582430).
* Add support for starting bamf through user systemd units.
* Unscale x/y coordinates returned by top_window_action_menu
* Adjust for XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP containing multiple
colon-separated values.
- Chop -Werror off with a regular expression.
2015-05-10 -
- Add gpg signature
2015-05-09 -
- Update RPM package groups and summaries
- Avoid running configure twice
- Make sure all non-base directories are owned
- Ensure all requirements appear as BuildRequires
- Place documentation into subpackage, it is not needed for
automated builds.

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