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This project provides trace read and write libraries, as well as a
trace converter. A plugin can be created for any trace format to
allow its conversion to/from another trace format.
The main format expected to be converted to/from is the
Common Trace Format (CTF).


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Install Howto

Install babeltrace rpm package:

# zypper install babeltrace




2018-11-14 -
- Update to version 1.5.6:
* Fix: remove left-over debug logging statement.
* Use trace->trace_id in check to remove trace from bt_ctx.
* Fix: missing initializer braces warning.
* Fix: zero out URL parsing array before use and ensure proper
error reporting.
2018-06-17 -
- Update to version 1.5.5:
* Propagate error from packet_seek in case of truncated packet.
* Fix: report truncated files while reading.
- Use tarball signing.
2018-04-03 -
- Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]
2018-03-15 -
- Update to version 1.5.4:
* Use signed accessors for clock offsets.
* Fix a signedness error in python complements.
* Handle packet_seek errors.
* Prevent calling adding the same trace recursively.
* Make sure we have all the metadata streams before adding new
* Add missing debugging information in the live plugin.
* Set stream id in HUP case.
* Use list rather than ptr array for trace streams.
* Fix a leak of streams.
* Handle 0 session case in ask new streams.
* Break loop on getting metadata error.
* Return error on ask_new_stream when should quit.
* Don't access missing ctf trace when getting metadata.
* Fix lttng-live discarded event count after inactivity.
* Fix timegm compat on Solaris.
* Fix Python bindings when building with PIE hardening.
* lttng-live: Print discarded event and packet lost warnings on
2017-11-03 -
- Disable static library build.
- Enable Python 3 bindings build.
- Remove explicit glib2-devel requirement for the devel package: is
autodetected already.
- Spec cleanup.
2017-09-01 -
- Update to version 1.5.3 for SLE15 (bsc#1055683)
2016-08-02 -
- add ppc64/ppc64le in ExclusiveArch
2015-10-05 -
- Cleanup urls in spec file (FATE#319273)
2015-08-31 -
- enable build for aarch64 (fate#318370)
2015-07-28 -
- Update to version 1.2.4 (FATE#319273)
Changelog 1.2.4:
* Fix: make sure we can exit the get_new_metadata loop
* Docs fix: Change bt_ctf_writer_create_stream return description
* Fix: offset_s and CTF clocks with frequency != 1GHz
Changelog 1.2.3:
* Fix: incorrect compiler warning
* Fix: Don't assume that PROT_WRITE grants read permissions
* Fix: align objstack on 8 bytes
* Fix Python: Add a comment warning about an API limitation
* Use BABELTRACE_HOST_NAME_MAX in test_ctf_writer.c
* Add limits compatibility header
* Fix: don't perform unaligned integer read/writes
* Fix: Align buffers from objstack_alloc on sizeof(void *)
* Fix: bt_ctf_field_type_structure_add_field argument validation
Changelog 1.2.2:
* Fix: Support out of tree builds in babeltrace
* Fix: mmap trace read the stream_id from the first packet
* Fix: check the lttng-relayd protocol version
* Fix: don't update the trace collection if no new streams were received
* Fix (Python bindings): Return a string if a sequence's element are chars
* Fix: don't use a return code in _bt_ctf_stream_append_discarded_events
* Fix: Report the sequence's length field's value as length
* Fix: Variable name typo in SequenceField and Event classes
* Fix python: remove weird char at the end of line
* Fix: add missing files to gitignore
* Fix: ctf-text: add missing double-quotes around enum tag
* Fix: Add missing lttng_live_should_quit checks
* Fix: Report errors occuring in lttng_live_read

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