augeas-devel - A library for changing configuration files

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A library for programmatically editing configuration files. Augeas
parses configuration files into a tree structure, which it exposes
through its public API. Changes made through the API are written back
to the initially read files.
The transformation works very hard to preserve comments and formatting
details. It is controlled by ``lens'' definitions that describe the
file format and the transformation into a tree.


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Install Howto

Install augeas-devel rpm package:

# zypper install augeas-devel




2019-03-11 - Martin Li?ka <>
- Add gcc9-disable-broken-test.patch in order to address bsc#1120894.
2019-02-12 - Vít?zslav ?í?ek <>
- Don't ignore %check test result, the testsuite now successfully
2018-12-24 -
- update to 1.11.0
General changes/additions
- augmatch: add a --quiet option; make the exit status useful
to tell whether there was a match or not
- Drastically reduce the amount of memory needed to evaluate
complex path expressions against large files (Issue #569)
- Fix a segfault on OSX when 'augmatch' is run without any
arguments (Issue #556)
API changes
- aug_source did not in fact return the source; and always
returned NULL for that. That has been fixed.
Lens changes/additions
- Chrony: add new options supported in chrony 3.2 and 3.3
(Miroslav Lichvar)
- Dhclient: fix parsing of append/prepend and similar
directives (John Morrissey)
- Fstab: allow leading whitespace in mount entry lines
(Pino Toscano) (Issue #544)
- Grub: tolerate some invalid entries. Those invalid entries
get mapped to '#error' nodes
- Httpd: accept comments with whitespace right after a tag
opening a section (Issue #577)
- Json: allow escaped slashes in strings (Issue #557)
- Multipath: accept regular expressions for devnode, wwid,
and property in blacklist and blacklist_exceptions sections
(Issue #564)
- Nginx: parse /etc/nginx/sites-enabled (plumbeo) allow
semicolons inside double quoted strings in simple directives,
and allow simple directives without an argument (Issue #566)
- Redis: accept the 'bind' statement with multiple IP addresses
(yannh) (Issue #194)
- Rsyslog: support include() directive introduced in
rsyslog 8.33
- Strongswan: new lens (Kaarle Ritvanen)
- Systemd: do not try to treat *.d or *.wants directories as
configuration files (Issue #548)
2018-03-20 -
- Fix RPM groups.
2018-03-20 -
- update to 1.10.1:
General changes/additions
New CLI utility 'augmatch' to print the tree for a file and select
some of its contents
New command 'count' in augtool
New function 'not(bool) -> bool' for path expressions
The path expression 'label[. = "value"]' can now be written more
concisely as 'label["value"]'
API changes
libfa has now a function fa_json to export an FA as a JSON file, and
fa_state_* functions that make it possible to iterate over the FA's
states and transitions. (Pedro Valero Mejia)
Add functions aug_ns_label, aug_ns_value, aug_ns_count, and
aug_ns_path to get the label (with index), the value, the number of
nodes, and the fully qualified path for nodes stored in a nodeset in
a variable efficiently
Lens changes/additions
Grubenv: new lens to process /boot/grub/grubenv (omgold)
Httpd: also read files from /etc/httpd/conf.modules.d/*.conf
(Tomas Meszaros) (Issue #537)
Nsswitch: allow comments at the end of a line (Philip Hahn) (Issue #517)
Ntp: accept 'ntpsigndsocket' statement (Philip Hahn) (Issue #516)
Properties: accept empty comments with DOS line endings (Issue #161)
Rancid: new lens for RANCiD router databases (Matt Dainty)
Resolv: accept empty comments with DOS line endings (Issue #161)
Systemd: also process /etc/systemd/logind.conf (Pat Riehecky)
YAML: process a document that is just a sequence (John Vandenberg)
- drop chrpath dependency, the offending dump binary is no longer shipped
2018-02-22 -
- Use %license (boo#1082318)

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