atop - Monitor for System Resources and Process Activity

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Atop is an ASCII full-screen performance monitor, similar to the top
command. At regular intervals, it shows system-level activity related to
the CPU, memory, swap, disks and network layers, and it shows for every
active process the CPU utilization in system and user mode, the virtual
and resident memory growth, priority, username, state, and exit code. The
process level activity is also shown for processes which finished during
the last interval, to get a complete overview about the consumers of things
such as CPU time. Atop only shows the active system-resources and processes,
and only shows the deviations since the previous interval.


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Install Howto

Install atop rpm package:

# zypper install atop




2019-02-17 - Matthias Eliasson <>
- Update to 2.4.0
* Modifications for atop:
+ Support for Nvidia GPU statistics:
A separate daemon atopgpud has been developed to maintain statistics of
Nvidia GPUs in the system. When this daemon is running, atop will
connect to this daemon and will get/show the GPU statistics with every
interval on system level and process level (key 'e').
The atopgpud daemon will only be active when it is explicitly enabled
(see man pages for more info).
+ Support for Infiniband statistics:
Counters showing the bandwidth utilization of Infiniband ports
(system level) are added.
+ Support for Pressure Stall Information (PSI):
The average pressure percentages of CPU, memory and I/O are reported
for the last 10, 60 and 300 seconds. These percentage are provided from
kernel 4.20 onwards.
+ Faster startup of atop:
The allocation strategy for processes and threads has been improved,
which will specifically be noticable on larger systems with lots of
multi-threaded processes.
+ Configurable options for atop running in the background:
Default options of script atop.daily can be overruled by
/etc/default/atop file.
+ CPU Instructions Per Cycle (IPC):
For every CPU, the average number of instructions per CPU cycle is
shown as 'ipc'. Besides, a column is shown with the number of cycles
executed per second as `cycl` (shown as effective Hz frequency).
+ Various fixes:
Various NFS counters corrected.
Recognition of nvme and nbd disks.
Recognition of DEADLINE scheduling policy.
Proper handling of memory locking (improper handling caused malloc
failures in previous versions).
* New program atopconvert:
+ This program can be used to convert the layout of older raw files to
newer raw files. Raw files from atop 2.0 onwards can be converted to
the newest version (now: 2.4).
* Modifications for atopsar:
+ Reports can be printed now about the utilization of GPUs and Infiniband,
and about the PSI percentages.
* General:
+ The format of the raw file is incompatible with earlier versions.
However, old raw files can be converted now by the program atopconvert
to be read or extended by newer atop versions.
- Clean with spec-cleaner
- Refresh atop-makefile.patch
2018-06-25 -
- Correct copyright attribution
2018-06-10 -
- Update to 2.3:
* Modifications for atop:
+ Support for Docker containers.
+ Improved gathering of process data.
+ Improved memory figures for processes.
+ Variable width for PID column.
+ Better handling when started via sudo (not entering stopped
+ state).
+ Handling of disk drives starting with 'xvd...'.
* Modifications for atopacct:
+ Better error handling of Netlink interface.
+ Immediate reaction when receiving SIGTERM signal.
+ Bypass for kernel bug 190711 (Netlink interface not
+ Bypass for kernel bug 190271 (process accounting does not
always start).
* Modifications for atopsar:
+ Top-3 of resource consuming processes only shows active
processes now.
* General:
+ The format of the raw file is upward compatible with version
- Clean with spec-cleaner.

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