apparmor-utils-lang - Translations for package apparmor

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Package version 2.13.2
Package release 8.1
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License GPL-2.0-or-later
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Provides translations for the "apparmor" package.


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apparmor-utils-lang - - -


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apparmor-utils = 2.13.2


Name Value
apparmor-utils-lang = 2.13.2-8.1
apparmor-utils-lang-all = 2.13.2


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Binary Package apparmor-utils-lang-2.13.2-8.1.noarch.rpm
Source Package apparmor-2.13.2-8.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install apparmor-utils-lang rpm package:

# zypper install apparmor-utils-lang




2019-04-23 - Martin Li?ka <>
- Disable LTO (boo#1133091).
2019-04-14 - Christian Boltz <>
- update profile for usrMerge (bash and tar) (boo#1132350)
2019-03-07 - Christian Boltz <>
- add usrmerge-fixes.diff: fix test failures when /bin/sh is handled by
update-alternatives (boo#1127877)
2019-02-27 - Christian Boltz <>
- add dnsmasq-revert-alternation.diff: revert path alternation in
dnsmasq profile and re-add peer=/usr/sbin/libvirtd rules to avoid
breaking libvirtd (boo#1127073)
2019-01-24 - Christian Boltz <>
- add dnsmasq-libvirtd.diff: allow peer=libvirtd in the dnsmasq profile
to match the newly added libvirtd profile name (boo#1118952#c3)
2019-01-14 -
- Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]
2019-01-06 - Christian Boltz <>
- add apparmor-lessopen-nfs-workaround.diff: allow network access in for reading files on NFS (workaround for boo#1119937 /
2019-01-02 - Christian Boltz <>
- add profile_filename_cornercase.diff: drop check that lets aa-logprof
error out in a corner-case (log event for a non-existing profile while
a profile file with the default filename for that non-existing profile
exists) (boo#1120472)
2018-12-21 -
- netconfig: write resolv.conf to /run with link to /etc (fate#325872,
boo#1097370) [patch apparmor-nameservice-resolv-conf-link.patch]
2018-12-21 - Christian Boltz <>
- update to AppArmor 2.13.2
- add profile names to most profiles
- update dnsmasq profile (pid file and logfile path) (boo#1111342)
- add vulkan abstraction
- add letsencrypt certificate path to abstractions/ssl_*
- ignore *.orig and *.rej files when loading profiles
- fix aa-complain etc. to handle named profiles
- several bugfixes and small profile improvements
- see
for the detailed upstream changelog
- remove upstreamed fix-syntax-error-in-rc.apparmor.functions.patch

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