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Package name apache-pdfbox
Package version 1.8.16
Package release 1.3
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Homepage https://pdfbox.apache.org/
License Apache-2.0
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The Apache PDFBox library is an open source Java tool for working with PDF documents.
This project allows creation of new PDF documents, manipulation of existing documents
and the ability to extract content from documents.
Apache PDFBox also includes several command line utilities.


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apache-pdfbox-1.8.16-25.64.noarch.rpm 1.8.16 noarch JAVA
apache-pdfbox - - -


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apache-commons-logging -
icu4j -
java-headless -
javapackages-filesystem -


Name Value
apache-pdfbox = 1.8.16-1.3
mvn(org.apache.pdfbox:fontbox) = 1.8.16
mvn(org.apache.pdfbox:fontbox:pom:) = 1.8.16
mvn(org.apache.pdfbox:jempbox) = 1.8.16
mvn(org.apache.pdfbox:jempbox:pom:) = 1.8.16


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Mirror widehat.opensuse.org
Binary Package apache-pdfbox-1.8.16-1.3.noarch.rpm
Source Package apache-pdfbox-1.8.16-1.3.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install apache-pdfbox rpm package:

# zypper install apache-pdfbox




2018-10-08 - Fabian Vogt <fvogt@suse.com>
- Update to 1.8.16:
* [PDFBOX-4261] - Invalidated signature signing pdf twice
* [PDFBOX-4276] - Multiply blend mode not detected
* [PDFBOX-4283] - Allowing Rectangles with additional elements
* [PDFBOX-4298] - NullPointerException when doing overlay
* [PDFBOX-4316] - RemoveAllText does not delete all parameters with " operator
* [PDFBOX-4274] - Get rid of warning about prerequisites
* Improve skip duplicates (bsc#1111009, CVE-2018-11797)
- Adjust fix-version.patch

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