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Package filename apache-commons-codec-1.11-2.1.noarch.rpm
Package name apache-commons-codec
Package version 1.11
Package release 2.1
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Category Development/Libraries/Java
Homepage http://commons.apache.org/codec/
License Apache-2.0
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Commons Codec is an attempt to provide definitive implementations of
commonly used encoders and decoders.


Package Version Architecture Repository
apache-commons-codec-1.11-61.13.noarch.rpm 1.11 noarch JAVA
apache-commons-codec - - -


Name Value
java >= 1.8
java-headless -
javapackages-filesystem -


Name Value
apache-commons-codec = 1.11-2.1
commons-codec = 1.11
jakarta-commons-codec = 1.11
mvn(commons-codec:commons-codec) = 1.11
mvn(commons-codec:commons-codec:pom:) = 1.11
osgi(org.apache.commons.codec) = 1.11.0


Name Value
commons-codec < 1.11
jakarta-commons-codec < 1.11


Type URL
Mirror widehat.opensuse.org
Binary Package apache-commons-codec-1.11-2.1.noarch.rpm
Source Package apache-commons-codec-1.11-2.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install apache-commons-codec rpm package:

# zypper install apache-commons-codec




2019-03-25 - Fridrich Strba <fstrba@suse.com>
- Remove pom parent, since we don't use it when not building with
2019-02-15 - Fridrich Strba <fstrba@suse.com>
- Update to version 1.11
* New features:
+ Add Automatic-Module-Name manifest entry for Java 9.
Fixes CODEC-242.
+ Add BaseNCodec.encode(byte[], int, int) input with offset and
length parameters for Base64 and Base32. Fixes CODEC-202.
+ Add convenience API org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Hex.
.encodeHexString(byte[]|ByteBuffer, boolean).
Fixes CODEC-224.
+ Add convenience method decodeHex(String). Fixes CODEC-203.
+ Add DigestUtils.getDigest(String, MessageDigest).
Fixes CODEC-210.
+ Add faster CRC32 implementation. Fixes CODEC-205.
+ Add HmacAlgorithms.HMAC_SHA_224 (Java 8 only).
Fixes CODEC-217.
+ Add java.io.File APIs to MessageDigestAlgorithm.
Fixes CODEC-206.
+ Add support for CRC32-C. Fixes CODEC-171.
+ Add support for XXHash32. Fixes CODEC-241.
+ BaseNCodecOutputStream only supports writing EOF on close().
Fixes CODEC-183.
+ Create a minimal Digest command line utility:
org.apache.commons.codec.digest.Digest. Fixes CODEC-212.
+ Fluent interface for DigestUtils. Fixes CODEC-220.
+ Fluent interface for HmacUtils. Fixes CODEC-222.
+ Make some DigestUtils APIs public. Fixes CODEC-208.
+ Support java.nio.ByteBuffer in DigestUtils. Fixes CODEC-193.
+ Support java.nio.ByteBuffer in
org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Hex. Fixes CODEC-194.
+ Support JEP 287: SHA-3 Hash Algorithms. Fixes CODEC-213.
+ Support SHA-224 in DigestUtils on Java 8. Fixes CODEC-195.
* Removed feature:
+ Drop obsolete Ant build. Fixes CODEC-223.
* Changes:
+ Base32.decode should support lowercase letters.
Fixes CODEC-234.
+ HmacUtils.updateHmac calls reset() unnecessarily.
Fixes CODEC-221.
+ Soundex should support more algorithm variants.
Fixes CODEC-233.
* Fixed bugs:
+ Base32.HEX_DECODE_TABLE contains the wrong value 32.
Fixes CODEC-200.
+ Base64.encodeBase64String could better use newStringUsAscii
(ditto encodeBase64URLSafeString). Fixes CODEC-145.
+ BaseNCodec: encodeToString and encodeAsString methods are
identical. Fixes CODEC-144.
+ Bug in HW rule in Soundex. Fixes CODEC-199.
+ Charsets Javadoc breaks build when using Java 8.
Fixes CODEC-207.
+ Don't deprecate Charsets Charset constants in favor of
Java 7's java.nio.charset.StandardCharsets. Fixes CODEC-219.
+ Fix minor resource leaks. Fixes CODEC-225.
+ Javadoc for SHA-224 DigestUtils methods should mention
Java 1.8.0 restriction instead of 1.4.0. Fixes CODEC-209.
+ StringUtils.equals(CharSequence cs1, CharSequence cs2) can
fail with String Index OBE. Fixes CODEC-231.
+ StringUtils.newStringxxx(null) should return null, not NPE.
Fixes CODEC-229.
+ URLCodec is neither immutable nor threadsafe.
Fixes CODEC-232.
+ URLCodec.WWW_FORM_URL should be private. Fixes CODEC-230.
- Generate the Ant build file and use it
- Add an option --with tests and don't run tests by default. This
diminshes the number of dependencies and speeds-up the build.
2019-02-05 - Fridrich Strba <fstrba@suse.com>
- Clean-up the spec file
2018-05-15 - fstrba@suse.com
- Build with source and target 8 to prepare for a possible removal
of 1.6 compatibility
- Run fdupes on documentation
2017-09-29 - fstrba@suse.com
- Don't condition the maven defines on release version, but on
_maven_repository being defined
2017-09-07 - fstrba@suse.com
- Build with java source and target versions 1.6
* fixes build with jdk9
2017-05-19 - tchvatal@suse.com
- Fix build with new javapackages-tools
2015-03-18 - tchvatal@suse.com
- Fix build with new javapackages-tools

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