adminer-pgsql - Dependencies required for Adminer PostgreSQL support

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Package filename adminer-pgsql-4.7.1-2.1.noarch.rpm
Package name adminer-pgsql
Package version 4.7.1
Package release 2.1
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Category Productivity/Networking/Web/Frontends
License GPL-2.0-only OR Apache-2.0
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Virtual package that requires dependencies needed for Adminer PostgreSQL support


Package Version Architecture Repository
adminer-pgsql-4.7.1-34.1.noarch.rpm 4.7.1 noarch PHP Applications
adminer-pgsql-4.3.1-12.2.noarch.rpm 4.3.1 noarch PHP Applications
adminer-pgsql - - -


Name Value
adminer = 4.7.1
php-pgsql -


Name Value
adminer-database-support = 4.7.1
adminer-pgsql = 4.7.1-2.1


Type URL
Binary Package adminer-pgsql-4.7.1-2.1.noarch.rpm
Source Package adminer-4.7.1-2.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install adminer-pgsql rpm package:

# zypper install adminer-pgsql




2019-03-18 - Jan Engelhardt <>
- Replace %__-type macro indirections.
- Replace bash-specific syntax in scriptlets by POSIX sh.
2019-01-24 -
- Update to version 4.7.1:
* Release 4.7.1
* Remember visible columns in Create Table form (bug #493)
* Editor: Allow disabling boolean fields in PostgreSQL (bug #640)
* fix: haeckel adminer.css (#323)
* SQLite: Hide server field in login form
* Improve MariaDB status variables link (bug #658)
* Update
* Update
* Display the tables scrollbar (bug #647)
* Document change
* Fix PHP 7.3 compatibility (#318)
* Position of the background database image changed. (#316)
* Fix mvt theme (#315)
* Use <ul> list for logins (#314)
* Add missing Japanese translations (thanks to Shirai Takashi)
* Change '...' to horizontal ellipsis character
* php <5.4 compat: array syntax (#313)
* Add autocomplete attributes to login form
2018-11-25 -
- Update to version 4.7.0:
* Release 4.7.0
* Fix whitespace
* Clarify change description
* Updated theme for v4.7 (#310)
* Update (#299)
* Fix a typo
* Delete copy/pasted code
* Change inline style to class name
* Wrap `table.nowrap` with `div[style="overflow-x: auto"]`
* Fix MariaDB link to numeric types
* MySQL: Descending indexes in MySQL 8 (bug #643)
* Fix style
* ClickHouse: support for decimal types, SQL operator
* ClickHouse: Fix for drop multiple tables and views
* ClickHouse ALTER DELETE and ALTER UPDATE support
* ClickHouse fix select-like queries format postfix
* Avoid overwriting existing tables when copying tables (bug #642)
* PostgreSQL: Export DESC indexes (bug #639)
* Recognize current_timestamp() in edit (bug #638)
* Hide import from server if no path
* Simplify storing executed SQL queries to bookmarks
* fix editor theme (#302)
* Remove unused code
* MySQL: Recognize ON UPDATE current_timestamp() (bug #632)
* PostgreSQL: Quote array values in export (bug #621)
* Add plugin pretty-json-column
* Update translation
* DOM not ready when restoring `adminer_tables_filter` (#289)
* Add Georgian translation
* Update mvt design
* Fix design (thanks to apmuthu)
* ClickHouse: Fix escaping
* ClickHouse support alpha version
* Fix typo in Vietnamese translation
* Add class 'layout' to all non-data tables
* Set default db to sqlsrv connection
* Warn when using password with leading or trailing spaces
* Update donation link
* Make maxlength in all fields a soft limit
* Increase username maxlength to 80 (bug #623)
* Fixes foreign key pattern in MySQL
* Fix function change with set data type (thanks to osoba hrdelnata)
* Adminer theme
* Reset event handlers after cloning (thanks to Salko)
* Fix inline editing of empty cells

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