abi-compliance-checker - A Compliance Checker For library ABIs

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ABI Compliance Checker (ACC) is an easy-to-use tool for checking
backward binary compatibility (BC) of a shared C/C++ library.
It checks header files along with shared libraries of old and new
versions and analyzes changes in Application Binary Interface (ABI)
that may cause compatibility problems: changes in calling stack,
v-table changes, removed symbols, etc. Breakage of the binary
compatibility may result in crashing or incorrect behavior of
applications built with an old version of the library if they run on
a new one. The tool is intended for library developers and operating
system maintainers who are interested in ensuring binary
compatibility, i.e. allow old applications to run with newer library
versions without the need to recompile.


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Binary Package abi-compliance-checker-2.3-2.2.noarch.rpm
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Install Howto

Install abi-compliance-checker rpm package:

# zypper install abi-compliance-checker




2018-07-20 - guillaume.gardet@opensuse.org
- Add '-fPIC' option for AArch64 to avoid the following errors:
* relocation XXX which may bind externally can not be used when
making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC
* dangerous relocation: unsupported relocation
2018-06-16 - antoine.belvire@opensuse.org
- Update to 2.3:
* Improvements:
+ Support for GCC 8
+ Use -fdump-lang-class instead of -fdump-class-hierarchy
+ Use -fdump-lang-raw instead of -fdump-translation-unit
+ Enable internal mangling of C++ funcs for all future GCC
+ Added -keep-reserved option to report changes in reserved
+ Fixed license to LGPL 2.1
* Bug Fixes:
+ Fix detection of GCC 7 compiled with
- -with-gcc-major-version-only
+ Fixed internal mangling
+ Escape braces in regex for compatibility with future Perl 5
+ Redirect stderr of objdump -f to null
- Add %check section.
2017-09-03 - astieger@suse.com
- update to 2.2:
* Improve support for Fortran
* Fix analysis of inline functions
* Fix analysis of calling conventions
* Fix handling of C++ keywords in C code
* Fix -lang option
* Fix handling of errors when compressing ABI dumps
* Fix style of the report
2017-07-05 - astieger@suse.com
- update to 2.1:
* Show added v-table symbols for public classes
* Fixed analysis of static methods
* Fixed analysis of typedefs
* Fixed analysis of zero-size structs
* Fixed logs
* Fixed analysis of static libraries on Windows
* Fixed search for files on Windows
* Documented -skip-internal-types option in -help
* Add noindex meta tag to report if no changes detected
2017-03-25 - astieger@suse.com
- update to 2.0:
* faster on big libraries
* Add a module to create ABI dump from AST tree
* Add a module to create AST dump
* Add a module to parse GCC AST
* Add a module to find system files and automatically generate include paths
* Add a module to mangle C++ symbols
* Add a module to read ELF binaries
* Add a module to handle type attributes
* Add a module to handle XML descriptors
* Add a module to filter symbols
* Add a module to handle input data
* Add a module for logging
* Partial support for GCC 6
* Compare versioned data types
* Add -filter option: a path to XML descriptor with skip_* rules
to filter analyzed symbols in the report
* Added -keep-cxx option to check ZS, ZNS and _ZNKS* symbols
* Fix automatic generation of include paths
* Fix report for removed virtual symbols
* Fix XML-format ABI dumps
* Fix source-compatibility reports
* Fix counter of checked data types
* Fix lists of affected symbols
* Fix analysis of standard C++ libraries
* Fix analysis of added and removed virtual methods
* Fix style of the report
* Fix analysis of alias symbols
* Uncover changed typedefs properly
* Fix Parameter_From_Register and Parameter_To_Register rules
* Fix analysis of data types derived from template instances
* Enable -headers-only option automatically if header file is
used as input library descriptor
* Fix analysis of template instances
* Fix analysis of static data
* Fix error message if modules are not installed
* Fix analysis of versioned symbols
* Fix -ext option
* Fix -use-dumps option
* Fix -debug option
* Fix console output
2017-01-13 - astieger@suse.com
- update to 1.99.25:
* test-abi-dumper: compare ABI dumps created by the ABI Dumper
* Do not list a symbol as removed in the source-compatibility
report if it is presented in the dynsym table

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