SuSEfirewall2-fail2ban - Files for integrating fail2ban into SuSEfirewall2 via systemd

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This package ships systemd files which will cause fail2ban to be ordered in
relation to SuSEfirewall2 such that the two can be run concurrently within
reason, i.e. SFW will always run first because it does a table flush.


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SuSEfirewall2-fail2ban-0.10.4-104.4.noarch.rpm 0.10.4 noarch Security
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SuSEfirewall2 -
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SuSEfirewall2-fail2ban = 0.10.4-1.1


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Binary Package SuSEfirewall2-fail2ban-0.10.4-1.1.noarch.rpm
Source Package fail2ban-0.10.4-1.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install SuSEfirewall2-fail2ban rpm package:

# zypper install SuSEfirewall2-fail2ban




2019-02-16 -
- ver. 0.10.4 (2018/10/04) - ten-four-on-due-date-ten-four
- Fixes
* `filter.d/dovecot.conf`:
- failregex enhancement to catch sql password mismatch errors (gh-2153);
- disconnected with "proxy dest auth failed" (gh-2184);
* `filter.d/freeswitch.conf`:
- provide compatibility for log-format from gh-2193:
* extended with new default date-pattern `^(?:%%Y-)?%%m-%%d[ T]%%H:%%M:%%S(?:\.%%f)?` to cover
`YYYY-mm-dd` as well as `mm-dd` (so year is optional);
* more optional arguments in log-line (so accept [WARN] as well as [WARNING] and optional [SOFIA] hereafter);
- extended with mode parameter, allows to avoid matching of messages like `auth challenge (REGISTER)`
(see gh-2163) (currently `extra` as default to be backwards-compatible), see comments in filter
how to set it to mode `normal`.
* `filter.d/domino-smtp.conf`:
- recognizes failures logged using another format (something like session-id, IP enclosed in square brackets);
- failregex extended to catch connections rejected for policy reasons (gh-2228);
* `action.d/hostsdeny.conf`: fix parameter in config (dynamic parameters stating with '_' are protected
and don't allowed in command-actions), see gh-2114;
* decoding stability fix by wrong encoded characters like utf-8 surrogate pairs, etc (gh-2171):
- fail2ban running in the preferred encoding now (as default encoding also within python 2.x), mostly
`UTF-8` in opposite to `ascii` previously, so minimizes influence of implicit conversions errors;
- actions: avoid possible conversion errors on wrong-chars by replace tags;
- database: improve adapter/converter handlers working on invalid characters in sense of json and/or sqlite-database;
additionally both are exception-safe now, so avoid possible locking of database (closes gh-2137);
- logging in fail2ban is process-wide exception-safe now.
* repaired start-time of initial seek to time (as well as other log-parsing related data),
if parameter `logpath` specified before `findtime`, `backend`, `datepattern`, etc (gh-2173)
* systemd: fixed type error on option `journalflags`: an integer is required (gh-2125);
- New Features
* new option `ignorecache` to improve performance of ignore failure check (using caching of `ignoreip`,
`ignoreself` and `ignorecommand`), see `man jail.conf` for syntax-example;
* `ignorecommand` extended to use actions-similar replacement (capable to interpolate
all possible tags like `<ip-host>`, `<family>`, `<fid>`, `F-USER` etc.)
- Enhancements
* `filter.d/dovecot.conf`: extended with tags F-USER (and alternatives) to collect user-logins (gh-2168)
* since v.0.10.4, fail2ban-client, fail2ban-server and fail2ban-regex will return version without logo info,
additionally option `-V` can be used to get version in normalized machine-readable short format.
- rebase patches
* fail2ban-opensuse-locations.patch
* fail2ban-opensuse-service.patch
- add signature file

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