NetworkManager-iodine - NetworkManager VPN support for iodine

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Package filename NetworkManager-iodine-1.2.0-3.3.i586.rpm
Package name NetworkManager-iodine
Package version 1.2.0
Package release 3.3
Package architecture i586
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License GPL-2.0-or-later
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A network manager VPN plugin that allows you to tunnel your connection
through a DNS tunnel. This can be useful if internet access is
firewalled but DNS traffic is still allowed.


Package Version Architecture Repository
NetworkManager-iodine-1.2.0-23.20.x86_64.rpm 1.2.0 x86_64 GNOME Next
NetworkManager-iodine-1.2.0-23.20.i586.rpm 1.2.0 i586 GNOME Next
NetworkManager-iodine-1.2.0-13.19.x86_64.rpm 1.2.0 x86_64 GNOME Factory
NetworkManager-iodine-1.2.0-13.19.i586.rpm 1.2.0 i586 GNOME Factory
NetworkManager-iodine-1.2.0-3.3.x86_64.rpm 1.2.0 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
NetworkManager-iodine - - -


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NetworkManager >= 1.1.0
iodine >= 0.6.0rc1 - - - - - - - - -


Name Value
NetworkManager-iodine = 1.2.0-3.3
NetworkManager-iodine(x86-32) = 1.2.0-3.3
config(NetworkManager-iodine) = 1.2.0-3.3 -


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Binary Package NetworkManager-iodine-1.2.0-3.3.i586.rpm
Source Package NetworkManager-iodine-1.2.0-3.3.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install NetworkManager-iodine rpm package:

# zypper install NetworkManager-iodine




2018-04-14 -
- Following changes in NetworkManager: pass without-libnm-glib to
configure, no longer build deprecated libnm-glib support.
- Following the above changes: Drop no longer needed
pkgconfig(NetworkManager), pkgconfig(libnm-glib),
pkgconfig(libnm-glib-vpn), pkgconfig(libnm-gtk) and
pkgconfig(libnm-util) BuildRequires.
- Drop unnneeded NetworkManager-gnome Requires from gnome
sub-package, it is not longer of use for us.
2018-02-28 -
- Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner
2016-08-29 -
- Update to version 1.2.0:
+ Add appdata file.
+ build: don't include the full path to a plugin by default.
- Changes from version 1.1.0:
+ Port to libnm.
+ Updated translations.
- Add pkgconfig(libnm), pkgconfig(libnma), pkgconfig(libnm-util),
pkgconfig(libnm-glib) and pkgconfig(libnm-glib-vpn)
BuildRequires: new dependencies.
2014-10-12 -
- Update to version 0.0.5:
+ Use libsecret.
+ Use libnm-gtk.
+ Updated translations.
- Add pkgconfig(libnm-gtk) BuildRequires: new dependency.
- Replace pkgconfig(gnome-keyring-1) BuildRequires with
pkgconfig(libsecret-1), following upstream.
2013-02-19 -
- Update to version 0.0.4:
+ Check password write result to avoid warning.
+ Remove unused define.
+ Log connection information at message level.
+ Removed markup from UI file.
+ Add external ui support.
+ Updated translations.
2012-09-06 -
- Initial build.

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